This Judge Expected Special Treatment From Police, But Instead She Got This

Photo Credit: Twitter/KGBT

While the appellate judge is used to handing down decisions in a Texas courtroom, a choice Nora Longoria made last weekend left her at the mercy of one of local law enforcement.

According to reports, Longoria was driving her Lexus coupe early Saturday morning when police stopped her for exceeding the posted speed limit by 14 miles per hour. Court documents reveal a McAllen police officer initiated a traffic stop and, when the driver reached for her license, she also presented credentials identifying her as a judge.

Unimpressed, the officer went on to investigate the smell of alcohol and Longoria’s slurred speech. He instructed her to exit the vehicle and take a series of sobriety tests. When the officer was satisfied Longoria was under the influence of alcohol, he attempted to arrest her.

It was at this point, reports indicate, that the judge attempted to solicit special treatment, apparently based on her status.

“Please let me go,” she pleaded upon being notified that she was under arrest.

Longoria became upset, police reports indicate, and insisted she lived only a short distance away.

She told police they would ruin her life by taking her to jail.

“I worked hard for 25 years to be where I am today,” she insisted.

Two additional officers arrived on the scene and, according to court records, she attempted to prevent authorities from handcuffing her. When threatened with an additional charge of resisting arrest, Longoria reportedly submitted.

Upon arriving at the police station, she reportedly refused to take a Breathalyzer exam. Nonetheless, she was charged with one count of driving while intoxicated and released from jail on $2,000 bond several hours later.

Ultimately, Longoria admitted to drinking five beers during dinner before getting behind the wheel.

The public response to her eventful arrest was mixed; however, many criticized her ostensible attempt to use her position to escape justice.

Photo Credit: Twitter/KGBT

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  1. should be treated just like anyone else. If she loses her position it is her fault.

  2. asmeseesit says:

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  3. The judge sounds like she's a liberal democrat,this is something they would try and do.

  4. well, it goes like this if you spend 25 years of hard work to get to a high station in life, don't throw it away by drinking 5 beers before getting behind the wheel, thereby possibly subjecting injury or death to the people you are supposed to judge, dummy

  5. This asshole bitch expects special treatment you mean like the boy rapist teachers in the public education system, but I suppose they have a good excuse thanks to feminism all the good "men" are gay or taken. This cunt and women like her get away with murder everyday, literally like in the case of the abortion issue. Men time to re-take our place in society as leaders of the family no more scum sluts getting away with anything they want including getting sex from a minor which if I did that I wouldn't get probation. The American women today is a parasite on society the world over!

    • Wow, Ken…. you seem to have a problem with anger towards women. You should ease off or you'll give yourself a heart attack, stroke or go crazy sometime at the wrong time and really hurt someone and wind up in jail. Not good.!!

  6. Linda A. says:

    Look at that picture!!!! WOW she looks like crap and must feel like crap, she got one hell of a hangover and chances are she threw 25 years of hard work out the window over alcohol, this is not worth it, thank God she did not kill or hurt someone, maybe this will teach her a lesson not to drink and drive

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