This Is Why You Might Have To Give Up Grilling This 4th Of July

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Few holidays are more associated with a specific tradition than July Fourth and the backyard barbecue. Almost inseparable from the idea of independence is the smell of grilling burgers and the cool refreshment of ice cream on a hot summer day.

Judging from a recent Bloomberg report, however, the cost to provide this annual celebration has skyrocketed during Barack Obama’s second term.

In a study of the seven most common items found on a typical cookout menu, the report determined that costs spiked by more than five percent last month in a year-to-year comparison.

Some items, such as the aforementioned ice cream, saw a relatively meager rate of inflation; however, others have jumped precipitously since the nation’s last birthday.

Ground beef prices, for example, are 16 percent higher on average than the previous year. Tomatoes are 12 percent more expensive.

American shoppers have seen food prices swell in recent months despite the Obama administration’s insistence that inflation is basically a non-issue. In addition to federal economic policies, the recent surge has also been blamed on a protracted drought on the east coast.

Industry expert Don Close said shoppers are “becoming adjusted to these price levels,” suggesting most families that traditionally barbecue on Independence Day will continue to do so.

“I would expect the overall grilling demand to be very good,” he asserted.

The quality of those barbecues, however, could easily suffer as a result of increased prices.

“Do we expect there to be some tradeoffs and some adjustments made on behalf of some consumers? No doubt that’s going to happen,” he said. offers a few suggestions for those hoping to enjoy the flavors of the grill without breaking the bank. Among the tips included are buying in bulk and opting for fattier meats instead of the costlier lean cuts.

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