This Is Why You Don’t Drive Through Mexico To Get To Brazil

Photo Credit: Facebook/Harry Devert

Dismembered human remains found near Zihuatenajo, Mexico, earlier this month were determined after biological testing to be that of a New York man reportedly on his way to Brazil to watch the World Cup.

According to an Associated Press report, Harry Devert, 33, told a friend he was heading for the coastal town by motorcycle in late January. His vehicle was found alongside the remains recently, several months after he disappeared.

Reports indicate his intended route would take him from Michoacan to Zihuatenajo, which is described by Mexican authorities as a stretch fraught with violent gang activity. Considering the apparent murder is being handled by federal authorities, the AP notes prosecutors likely suspect his death was somehow related to organized crime activity.

Vice reports Devert maintained a blog, ‘A New Yorker Travels,’ through which he shared his globetrotting lifestyle with readers. Last October, he penned an entry regarding his latest – and, as it turns out, last – trip.

He expressed anticipation regarding the motorcycle trip, noting that is one of the very few modes of transportation he had yet to experience.

“So tomorrow I’m going to go to the DMV, get my motorcycle permit, buy a bike and hopefully figure out how to ride it home without crashing, “ he wrote. “Which I’m sure will be an adventure in itself.”

Devert laid out the specifics of his trip, saying that “in the next 2 or 3 weeks I’m going to drive it across America, through Central America, down to Brazil for the World Cup, and eventually south to Ushuaia, which as far as I can tell from a map is about as far south as one can get on the continent.”

He noted that he “set aside a year or two (or more if need be) to tackle this.”

Unfortunately, his trip – and life – was cut short, apparently by a flourishing violent presence within Mexico.

“Life is short,” he ominously wrote in his blog post, “if you’re going to do something, like my mother always told me, do it right.”

Vice concluded its report with a State Department warning that Americans should “exercise caution” when traveling around the area in which Devert’s remains were found, asserting that flight “remains the preferred method of travel.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Harry Devert

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    When you decide to go to acountry like Mexico your taking your life in your hands.Mexico is a corrupt country with just as bad thieves and killers running the government as the drug cartels.Yet the US pours money into Mexico.

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