This Is Why Judge Jeanine Is Worried (And Thinks You Should Be Afraid)

Judge Jeanine Pirro warned Americans that we should be worried over the crisis in the Middle East, regardless where you live.  “You know me, I’m fearless.” said the Judge in her opening statement. “I’ve spent my life fighting, investigating, prosecuting, and sentencing the worst of the worst. But tonight, I’m worried. If you don’t think that what happens there matters to you, you’re wrong! You need to be afraid.” Judge Pirro went on to blame Obama’s lack of foreign policy and political decisions for minimizing our nation on the world stage to the point of being “neither respected nor feared.”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. I think you are the greatest. You bless my ears and mind with every word you say. If you ever come through southern Utah, contact me and I'd love to take you to dinner. Huge fan, Galen

  2. CHARLES says:

    I must have seen the word "impeach" two hundred times for a couple of years!!! Get rid of it already!! There has not been one muscle moved to actually start the proceedings. Can Americans now be trembling in fear of this jackass in our Whitehouse?? Seems so to me!! Oh yes, they are afraid to hurt the muslim's feelings!! Thank God these yellowbellies weren't around when the Axis started WW2!!! This country would have been wasted!! We had valiant, fearless people running America, and they were highly instrumental in wiping out the enemy. So, now the enemy sits in Washington, and America is in deep sh—!!!! I'm part of the Greatest Generation, and we had guts!!!

    • But no brains……..

    • Yes, you were, and still are… But you failed to pass it on to your children..
      You kept it to yourselves trying to shield them from the horrors of war.
      And now they don't know jack squat! and don't care.

  3. The men and women that fought WW11 are our greatest generation by far but don't forget the men and women that fought Korea, Nam, Irag & Afgan. Today we have a commander-in-chief that is not respected by the military nor should he. Obama is not qualified nor capable of pouring sand down a rat hole let alone leading once the greatest country in the world. He has destroyed America and unless he is impeached or better yet taken out of the white house by a military coup, which I'm in favor of, we will never recover from the damages he has inflected on the poeple of the United States.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda your right in what you told Kittie and Obutthole is getting away because of assholes like Reid, Boxer, Poopalosi,Cummings,Waters,Schumer,Cantor,Boner and others who kiss his half black ass.

    • bitchStewie says:

      And he is nowhere near finished destroying this country meither

  4. barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) is INEPT in so many areas EVERY American should be VERY AFRAID !!!!


    America CANNOT STAND without being governed by a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, NOT A COMMUNIST ONE PARTY SYSTEM !!!!

    WAKE UP AMERICANS and learn about what REALLY made America GREAT !!!

  5. icetrout says:

    Worm will turn & the Left will be unable to stop what they have plugged up for so long…. to hell with their Political Correctness….

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    If ever a woman qualified to be the first woman president it should be The Judge not that fat little scumbag Hitlary.Another good woman president would beSarah Palin

  7. David G says:

    I have this a 1000 times, congress will NEVER EVER EVER NEVER impeach the first black President, never ever ever in a thousand years, they don’t have the marbles to do so! So all the moaning, screaming, yelling has gotten us what?? Well I’ll tell you NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZILTCH, he is still there and will be come 2016, you better pray he doesn’t decide to stay for another term, and don’t tell me it can’t happen just look at how he has stamped all over the constitution already! Put your faith in Christ he is the ONLY one to get you through this mess!

    • Christopher Semple says:

      Yes. i will say thats would happen, But if we do and try we could change the future for your kids and grand kids and great grand kinds. Look i know its a lot to have hope these days and ever harder to have good hope in Christ Jesus, But with Fasting and Prayer changes things; how do you think we got here this far in just a hundred years!, so if some (a lot )of us and become free from slavery i do think we all i mean all walk ride fly down there to see him out of office we could do it there no excuses.

      • To Christopher all I say to you sir is "Amen," prayer and fasting works! I just get down a bit cause this man is evil and America doesn't seem to give one iota, just keep a roof over thier heads, food in thier belly, and a paycheck coming in and they would elect Hitler for Pete sakes! But God is in charge, and that is 100% true! keep going Chris!

    • It's not a matter of congress starting the proceedings, it's of no use. The Senate is controlled by Demidogs, and they will NEVER have enough votes to find A-H guilty of even spitting on a sidewalk.

    • Linda I think you have replied to my comments before, and as always your level headed and I appreciate that. I pray your right about November, it's just so hard to believe that anything will ever be done about this Abomination or Antichrist! Don't get me wrong I don't believe Oslobma is "The" antichrist, but I do believe in my heart he is an antichrist! Thanks for letting me spout off I appreciate this site and people like you, may God bless ALL of you!

  8. Michael Terry says:

    Finally some one in the news with the back bone to call the idiot an IDIOT!

  9. Bob Sackett says:

    You tell it like is Judge ,. but nobody cares. he should be impeach now.

  10. How fast people forgot 9/11 when people were TRULY & Rightfully scared! Let this president & his administation continue to do nothing or the wrong thing about the serious problems in this country & we will see 9/11 repeat itself 10 fold worse. Living in NY I remember the people running, scrambling, not knowing what happened, people blown out of windows 80 stories high, & EVERYONE CALLING ON THE NAME OF JESUS!!!! Every church was filled for months after that horrible event! Please do not let this Dead Beat President allow this to repeat!! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!

  11. The BUM is doing everything he set out to do. I believe he wants this country in a racial, CIVIL WAR and will do all he can before he is outta office. When, not IF this happens it works into his plans totally. He will then be able to become PRESIDENT FOR LIFE, as HE WILL DECLARE MARTIAL LAW. Get the left outta politics before the CIVIL WAR of all time happens, IT WILL HAPPEN, if too many lazy people just set back and WAIT for someone else to DO SOMETHING. Just imagine, PRESIDENT FOR LIFE, IN AMERICA? Are you gonna wait, get out in November, it is something to at least try to change how the world sees us, and whatever happens will be the responsibility of each citizen, "patriot", if they get involved! do something, and change this, or do nothing and shut up when you get the shaft.

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