This Is The Single Biggest Reason Obama Hasn’t Been Impeached, But It Could Change Now

You know that Obama did something illegal when Bill Maher says, “Obama did kind of did do it illegally.”  Not that doing something illegal matters to the Left when Obama is the one doing it–it doesn’t.  The list of violations of the law and the U.S. Constitution by the Obama administration is well documented and long.  The real question is: why isn’t he held accountable?  We know the Left will never take one of their own to task for breaking the law.  To them, the rule of law is not something to take seriously.  But why hasn’t the media, or the majority of the general public, been calling for Obama’s head?  The answer is simple.  It is because he is the first black president of the United States.

President Obama is well schooled in using race to his advantage.  He realized early on that white people, in particular, would fawn all over a well-spoken man of color who had presidential aspirations.  He said all the right things during his first campaign.  He talked of healing the country, calming the seas, and making this the United States rather than blue or red states.  Now we know this was all a lie in order to get elected.  As long as he can use race to divide the people and generate anger among the left, he will do so–the good of the country be damned.

Since being in office, Obama has used race over and over again in order to divide the public and whip up hysteria among people of color in the United States against the white establishment, even though there is a black man in the White House.  In this fashion, he energizes his base to vote and to become activists for liberal causes; but it does not foster racial harmony in this country.  No, quite the opposite.   It fosters hatred and bitterness on both sides.  Racial harmony is now at its worst levels in decades.

When you combine this outcome with the repeated abuse of government power to attack and intimidate the opposition, Obama has been devastatingly devious and effective in carrying out his agenda, which does not include healing the country.  On the contrary, his progressive, or socialist/communist agenda, is all about obtaining and maintaining power in order to radically change the United States.  There are so many instances of this administration not following the direction of Congress and getting away with it that it now seems routine.  We are now more akin to Russia than to the vision offered by our Founding Fathers.  The gangsters are in charge.  The rule of law is no longer important, and our children will pay the consequences.

I for one have had enough.  Obama needs to be called out on his use of racial hatred to shield himself from accountability.  Every leader on the right is scared to death to be called a racist.  When are we going to find a leader who can stand up and say the truth about what is going on in this country?  Of course, the left-wing media will call him a racist and try and destroy his character.  But isn’t there someone out there with courage who can rise above this?  Who can talk truth to power and get the message heard by the general public in spite of the media?  The simple truth is that Obama is hiding behind the color of his skin to break the law and destroy the country.  I for one say the time is right for impeachment.  There is plenty of cause; just pick a scandal.  We need a leader to emerge from the darkness who can make this case to the America people so we can get back to the task of making America great again!

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  1. Coldcowboy says:

    He has broken more laws then some convicted felons presently in prison!

  2. TOMMY Spearing says:

    HE has broken more laws then some convicted felons presently in prision!

  3. The other reason is newspapers and main stream media are not reporting the truth. They just do not say it. If I knew a 100 least 80 would not be aware of any of this crap going on. They are still going duh,duh dah dah and slurping up the big three and major newsprint.

  4. I've been asking my congressman, a former state supreme judge, to impeach him for 5 years. And I agree, if he were white, he's of been gone years ago.
    It's a sad state of affairs.

  5. Because he's black he's black you know it……and the whole world knows it as well…………who's black?

  6. dump obama says:

    He can't even get the race thing 100%. He's only half way on each side! Shall we say he's half-As'd?

  7. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama has made Americans, our states, our Congress, and our Country divided on purpose! He has defied the law, perverted justice, and corrupted the government. He has sapped our national spirit, desecrated our laws, and divided our people. He has stoked the deadly fires of jealousy and envy in the land. He doesn’t really seem interested in improving our lives in any truly sustaining or meaningful way. The pseudo-commie controlling of the Democrapic party is nothing if not devilishly shrewd. Truth is he doesn’t really care. He has no principles. He will do or say anything to gain power and authority. He is completely untrustworthy. He thrives on chaos and anarchy. His true plan for America is to create anarchy and poverty to justify making America a big government police/nanny state. He is the most racist, divisive, stereotypical sand monkey you’ve ever encountered. He thrives on creating division by perpetuating generalizations. He is also establishing a form of political correction so precise that we will be reluctant to even speak for fear of unauthorized, governmentally enforced, oral expression restrictions. He is the one who ignorantly claim minorities are dependent on governmental assistance, that they are unable to obtain ID to vote, and that they require their numbers controlled via easily accessible abortion/contraception on demand. He doesn’t want inclusion, dignity, or self reliance. It’s division, calamity, and anarchy he craves. Screw up society with immorality, violence, and pornography, then when the culture goes to pot, he has further justification to make his play, that a broken society requires a strong government to maintain order and civility. 

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