This Is Every Child’s Worst Nightmare Come True, But Her Quick Thinking Saved Her Father’s Life

Facebook is famed for connecting people online, but who knew it could be used to save lives?

Ten-year-old Brianna Vance, a West Virginia girl, rescued her father’s life after posting a live video message on the social network. A powerful storm had blown through her neighborhood on June 10. Lightning struck a tree by the Vance home and crashed down on her dad, Gregory Vance, and two friends, who had been sitting on the front porch.

With cellphone signals down, and no land-line available to her, Brianna used the only thing she could think of to call for help: Facebook.

“The lightning crashed and hit a tree by our porch and my dad’s almost dead,” she cried in her video clip. “He needs an ambulance please. Please call one for us if you have a signal. We live in a yellow house.”

Her quick thinking saved the lives of all three men who had been entrapped because someone saw her cry for help and called 911.

“I was scared,” she explained. “I need help. My dad needs help. So I had to post that.”

Once rescued, her dad expressed pain in his head, neck, and back; but after being rushed to the hospital, the men were later released and returned safely to their homes.

“That is the real hero, is that little girl,” said Lt. Tim Grander, of the Henlawson, WV Fire Department. “And I would hope that she gets recognized for her heroism.”

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