This Incredible New Footage Shows How Close Bundy Standoff Came To A Massacre

Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch was at the Bundy Ranch front line and has never seen that type of force at the border where drugs and people are routinely smuggled across.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Ella Porter says:

    No! No! No!…..We should not try to Impeach Obama for many reasons. The main reasons would be:
    (1) The Democrat led Senate would not convict him and remove him from office. (2) If by chance he was convicted, we would get Biden. (3) If convicted and removed from office, many, if not MOST of his policies would still stand!

    Obama needs to be arrested and convicted for Fraud, Treason, Theft of a Social Security number, and Impersonating an American Citizen for starters!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      excellent comment.I wanted him impeached then jailed but as you say HairPlugs Bite Me Biden would become president and there isn't much of a difference.

      • Hi Edward,
        I wrote a long letter to Schumer, I did my best to stay civil which I did. I ask him did he take an oath to protect the Constitution and other questions. I have been wanting for a long time to write and let him known how I really feel and it felt good to do so.

        I ask him what is going on with this land grabbing and I told him that most Americans are fed up with this tyrannical government and reckless spending. Harry Reid and this incompetent president and yes I did say incompetent president because that is what he is. I said that Obama is destroying the Country and Fundamentally Transforming it into another 3rd world nation and no one in DC is stopping this madness. I ask him does he NOT care that our Country is being destroy? and what will be left for the future of our children?

        This insanity has got to stop, I mention to him you people go after a American citizen but yet you allow 20 millions of illegals to stay and take what few jobs we have. I feel good that I wrote to this jerk it is time that we starting letting these fools know how we feel, maybe it may help or maybe it won't, but we all must do our part even if it just a little

    • dexter60 says:

      Obama impeached removes much of his political power, removal from office is not so important as quickly cutting off his current influence; worrying about Biden borders on his own ridiculousness.
      But most importantly, none of the current policies need not necessarily stand, if that were the case we would still have Slavery of the Common Sort and women would not be able to vote &c — that is a bogus argument on its face.
      Impeachment puts such a wedge in the hierarchy as to make Holder (and many others) a sitting duck, prime for removal. Obama is a foil for all the Fascists that now occupy seats of power and they would suffer more than just his loss by impeachment in this game of being anything more than merely citizens-in-name-only.
      If the system's too far gone for Americans to rely upon the rule of law in governance, politicians' lives wont be worth squat in less than a year. All will know precisely the same targets for their anger and wrath.
      But think about it all again: each must do whatever they can to bring this nightmare to its end, all together; in al the ways possible, all the time.

    • Alessio Ventura says:

      We MUST IMPEACH HIS ASS NOW! The Constitution is about to crumble and we are one spark away from true mahem. Mayhem would have ensued if just one shot had been fired in that standoff, and this is what this A$&hole wants!

    • mutantone says:

      your right impeachment will not do bring charges of treason as under aid and comfort to the enemies of the nation the Muslim brotherhood that will make it far easier to achieve and any one that assist him is guilty as well

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Mr. Lynch is right where are all these law enforcers when the illegals are coming over.They rob the American people everyday these greasers are here taking medical education and welfare that all real Americans pay for.Cows eat grass then we eat them when we go to Outback.Our Sand Monkey and his muslim AG want confrontation so he can declare martial law.Dingy Harry Reid should be buried up to his neck in the desert and honey poured on his head so the bugs can have a good time. The dickheads son should be along side him for selling out to the chinks.

  3. reid Lied about Mitt owning money and now he is ripping into the Bundy Ranch? Doesn't Bundy has the opportunity to stand up to a liar, thief, Communist Muslim lover, etc. We have enough bullying done to the children in our schools and now we have reid (*bastard) bullying with his cowards ways. REID YOUR A DISGUSTING, HATEFUL, GREEDY BASTARD THAT NEEDS TO BE ELIMATED FROM OFFICE

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