This Hilarious Video Comparing Obama And Putin’s Workouts Will Make You Hit “Replay” Over And Over

After video surfaced of Obama “working out” at a hotel in Poland, we put together a comparison with Putin’s exercise regime.  Well, actually, there is no comparison.

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  1. Putin is a real Christian and a real man..and he is not our enemy…
    .Obama is none of the above…..Putin also knows Obama is behind the Arab Springs and he is trying to protect Ukraine from becoming Obama's Ukrainian spring..

    • Remember Putin is Orthodox Catholic I really wouldn't use the word Christian, that is like saying Mike Tyson is a humanitarian, doesn't fit nor work! I agree that he is a better leader for them, but he is also as crooked as a stick, just look at his history and it'll tell you all you need to know! Now for Oslama he is a total scumbag of the highest order and a Muslim to boot! He will NEVER be impeached because Congress will NEVER impeach the 1st black president!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I would trust Putin before I would believe I would believe anything that comes from the purple lips of elephant ears.Don't forget muslims are allowed to lie if it furthers the islamic cause.As far as the workout I'm surprized our lying sand monkey didn't use blow up weights after all how much does a basketball weigh.Pres.Bozo doesn't pass the manly assets that Putin has.

    • I agree and the biggest problem is that Obama is out to destroy our country. Ever thing he has done so far is to wreck our way of life. He really is a trader and Muslim . He has let the worst radicals out of the prison over there in Iraq and they will kill many people. Who will be responsible for all that murder of all the people we protected with the lives of our soldiers? Who will stop all the illegals that are being released here in America, the most dangerous and deranged of the those we have been detaining. When will we wake up and demand that this lying President stop breaking the law and put things right. I wish people would care about Americans there in the government instead of how many votes, illegal votes they can get for the demarcates? Can't we do something to stop this influx of illegals even while Trader Obama insists on flooding this country? Can't anyone do anything against this stupid asshole in the white house? Please

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Steven I believe the republicans are too scared of being called racists even thought he is a mongrel.The few republicans with guts can't get things done because they're labeled tea party candidates and last but not least when have you read or seen anything in the media that Obutthole is dragging the US down to a third rate party.Only Foxbrings you the truth.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Now that I know what POS stands for I couldn't agree with you more.I just hope Kevin McCarthy does get Cantors job because I believe he'll never vote to impeach the jigaboo.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama is the weakest cock sucker in the world

  4. patriotUSA says:

    O'Bastard is a Gay Muslim .. Bath House Barry !! .. What a Liberal Puss !!

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