This Guy Could Cause The Death Of The Republican Party

The reaction of Republican political consultants raises a question: Which group is more dangerous to the future of America: those who insist amnesty will “save” the GOP, or those who insist that crippling our economy because of “man-made climate change” will “save” America?

Last week, Eric Cantor, the heir apparent to John Boehner’s Speaker’s Gavel, was defeated because of a number of factors (but to the average Republican voter, because of the persistent feeling that he was ready to spring amnesty on us the day after he won re-nomination.)

His team of political consultants cannot allow this explanation to stand; and as a result, they are in a high gear re-write of history to dissuade Republican elites from believing it.

Enter Mike Murphy, a man who is deeply invested in perpetuating the lie that Republicans could have won with Mitt Romney if only he had the Hispanic vote. That this has been shredded and shown to be ridiculous by a careful analysis of the 2012 returns means nothing to panicky RINOs who desperately want the New York Times and La Raza to like them and say nice things about them. The Mike Murphys of this world need stupid clients, and there seems to be no shortage of stupid Republicans.

Murphy is now insisting that Cantor’s talk of amnesty was not the reason he lost to a challenger who only had around $200,000 and no name recognition before Election Night.

Rallies for challenger Dave Brat, a local college Department Chairman, turned out sizable numbers; and the talk was mainly Cantor’s stance on amnesty.

If nothing else, the Cantor loss has helped awaken voters to the fact that it is Republican political consultants who are driving this nation toward the edge of a cliff and a fall it will not recover from. These campaign experts believe a narrative that is as demonstrably false as Al Gore’s Global Warming nonsense. But unlike Gore’s babblings, Murphy’s nonsense has thus far gotten traction.

Both are lying for personal gain. Both hold much sway in how our country’s future will unfold, and neither cares. When you come right down to it, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the harm the lying Republican consultants are doing and the harm the lying Warmists are doing. They both mean us no good.

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  1. Good article and I could not agree more!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Cantor lost because he became an Obutthole Stooge and was going to give amnesty to the hispics. I have yet to talk to anyone who wants to give these law breakers anything but the boot.I say if the parents of these illegal aliens don't give 2 cents about their kids why should I. Catapult them back across the river.

  3. David F. says:

    I think this author could have and should have even gone further. The way that I see it, the issue is that these "Establishment Republicans" do NOT stand for Republican or Conservative Values!! I can count only up to maybe 15 Federal Politicians that I believe in or Trust. What we need is a no nonsense Political Revival with more Republican Candidates who can clearly define and articulate the Conservative point of View.
    In other words, we need more Republican Politicians like Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, etc…
    All of the Candidates that I have listed stand for Freedom, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, Equal Opportunity (not Equal Outcomes which is extremely different), the Rule of Law, and the U.S. Constitution. We also need to put Conservative Politicians in to Congress who will actually prosecute and censure other Politicians who don't follow the Law or use their positions for their own Personal Power/Agenda. Every Politician sent to Congress was sent there to represent ALL of their Constituents, not just the ones who share their same Political Ideology….or those Constituents who are too stupid to even follow Political Events!!

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