This Governor’s Anti-Gun Legislation Just Backfired In His Face

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In light of a law supported by Gov. Martin O’Malley (above) last year, a major employer recently announced it will be moving out of the state of Maryland.

Beretta USA, the company behind a variety of firearms sold in America and beyond, reacted to the Firearms Safety Act by making the decision to relocate to Tennessee. The law prohibited the sale of dozens of gun models within the state.

According to the corporation’s general manager, Jeff Cooper, Beretta did everything possible to make its relationship with Maryland work. In the end, however, the threat leftist ideology poses to the manufacturer’s ability to do business in the state made a move imperative.

“While we were able in the Maryland House of Delegates to reverse some of these obstructive provisions,” he explained, “the possibility that such restrictions might be reinstated in the future leaves us very worried about the wisdom of maintaining a firearm manufacturing factory in the state.”

The announcement comes after the company warned that such a relocation could be in the cards should the climate in Maryland become too hostile toward firearms production and ownership.

At that time, company attorney Jeffrey Reh told the Washington Free Beacon that anti-gun activism was an impediment.

“We are confronted with a state government that wants to ban our products at a time, by the way, when numerous other state governments are courting our investment,” he stated.

As it turns out, Cooper explained that the partnership between Beretta and Tennessee simply works out better as a permanent production hub.

“While we had originally planned to use the Tennessee facility for new equipment and for production of new product lines only,” he noted, “we have decided that it is more prudent from the point of view of our future welfare to move the Maryland production lines in their entirety to the new Tennessee facility.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    It serves that liberal POS O'Malley right for being a testicle kisser of Pres. Obutthole.

  2. Mark Griffin says:

    Cuomo did the same thing to Kahr. He chased them out of New York with his anti gun laws and they relocated to Pennsylvania.

  3. Linda A. says:

    I am glad to see that this fire back in the face of this dimwit Gov. because of this one man, this company is moving to another State and in the mean time all of these workers will lose their jobs, at least this company is NOT moving to Mexico, people need to wake up and realize that Elections do matter

    I hope this coming Nov for the Mid Term Elections all of these democrats will be voted OUT from all States, they are responsible for the killing jobs and screwing the American people

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