This Governor Just Told Common Core To Take A Hike

According to recent reports, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is unilaterally removing the widely unpopular Common Core program from his state’s public school system. He made an announcement Wednesday in Baton Rouge in which he explained the impetus behind the executive action.

“This is an important enough matter where we’ve got to take a stand,” he said, “and as governor of this great state, one of my responsibilities is to make sure we don’t give up on our Tenth Amendment rights.”

While he received plenty of support from fellow conservatives concerned about the trajectory of public education…

…the decision also riled up plenty of detractors.

His pro-federalist statement comes after Common Core critics across the state have complained that the federal curriculum leaves little room for state lawmakers and educators to make decisions they feel would best suit students.

Other common concerns include lessons many see as blatantly partisan and biased against conservatives.

Jindal continued by noting how important it is for states not to “give up to the federal government powers that don’t belong to the federal government.”

Along with many other governors, Jindal once supported the program when it was being described as sensitive to the input of state leaders. In recent months, however, governors across the U.S. have voiced concern over the undue influence of federal bureaucrats in the process of developing and implementing Common Core.

“These are powers that belong to the state and local governments,” Jindal concluded. “This is an important enough fight.”

Louisiana is just one more in a growing list of states to reject – or at least delay – the program. Other states, including Massachusetts and Missouri, have taken varying levels of action against Common Core implementation.

Additionally, an overwhelming percentage of the American population, even in solidly Democrat states, is adamantly opposed to the program as it currently exists.

Photo Credit: Derek Bridges (Flickr)

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    Good for Bobby Jindal it's time for all republicans to stand up tro this black Hitler Obutthole.

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