This Event Will End Racism As We Know It…

Last week, I published the commentary Race Barkerswhere I discussed the issues of race and those who bark about it. I promised then that I would offer a solution.

There is nothing that the Left fears more than the sight of black men and white men locking arms under the banner of Christ.  In Christ, the Apostle Paul told us, there is no race, gender, religion, or nationality.  We have all been adopted into the family of God through the blood of Jesus.

The only way the Christian people can be conquered is through the process of “divide and conquer.” As I stated last week, there are only two races…those racing for heaven and those racing for hell.

We are going to Gettysburg to bury racism.

My friend Pastor James David Manning is a minister in Harlem who happens to have black skin. I had the opportunity to share the podium with Pastor Manning five years ago and immediately felt a kinship with him.  My wife and I have visited his church, spoke from his pulpit, and locked arms with him in the battle against darkness.

It is an honor to call him my friend.

Pastor Manning warned us way back in 2008 that the election of Barack Obama would absolutely destroy this nation.  He became an “internet sensation” because of the “outrageous” things he said regarding the direction America was heading.  He become a pariah in Harlem, the heart of black America, because of his outright opposition to the election of Barack Obama. He has been pillaged by his “own people,” as the racists love to say.  Pastor Manning says Christians are his “own people.”

Nearly a year ago, Pastor Manning shared with me his desire to go to Gettysburg and bury racism.  He shared with me the vision to join black Americans and white Americans together in a RACIAL RECONCILIATION AND HEALING OF THE RACES. It immediately bore witness with my Spirit as something we needed to do.

Friends, only Jesus can heal the racial divide.  Only Jesus can heal the deep wounds of America.  Only Jesus can bring reconciliation to the scourge of skin color that has divided God’s children.  Only Jesus, and His people, can put an end to the virus of racism that is being used to destroy the future of our children.

There is no such thing as a black church or a white church.  There is only Jesus’ church.  Sunday morning is the most segregated period of time in all of America.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.

This is not a political event.  It is God calling His Church out of the shadows into a new era of brotherhood.  Prayer and a humbling of our hearts will be the agenda.

Over 600,000 young Americans died in the War Between the States…nearly 45,000 died at Gettysburg. It was at Gettysburg that the sin of slavery was paid for in blood…most of the blood  from young white boys.  From a purely historical perspective, Gettysburg is a must-visit for every American.   To this day, there is an eery feeling one gets walking the grounds

Let’s go back to Gettysburg and complete the task that so many died for.

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  1. mutantone says:

    racism is a contrivance of the democrats to continue the division of the citizens. where would they be if people remembered that they were the KKK Jim crow laws, segregation, racial job quotas. As long as they can keep race an issue they can keep the people divided from the common cause of the Nations advancement.
    As long as they can make race an issue they will, just look at their history of doing so far.
    Take that away from them eliminate the racial descriptors there should only be "Citizens" and "Visitors"
    with the rights of a citizen tantamount to the freedoms of the Nation as privilege and the "Visitors" tracked to make sure they leave .

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Whenever democraps are on the losing end of an argument out comes racism.After Lincoln freed them and the groes stayed inthe south what party still treated them like animals,if you said d3emocraps you'd be right and yet these dummies keep looking up to the white KKK members like the old geezer Sen.Robert Byrd.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The democrap's argument on racism is based on racism itself, their argument infers that blacks and hispanics are not intelligent! Going back to LBJ’s “Great Society” programs and the “War on Poverty,” the doling of governmental “freebies” and goodies was intended to buy fealty from the impoverished voter base. This was validated by LBJ’s own words when he said, “I’ll have those ngrs voting Democrapic for the next 200 years.”

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