Thad Cochran, Anti-Tea Party Republican, Accidentally Goes To Democrat Lunch Room

Photo Credit: Facebook/Thad Cochran for Mississippi

As he faces scrutiny from many in his own party for allegedly enticing Democrats to vote for him in a recent primary runoff against his Tea Party-backed challenger, Mississippi Republican Sen. Thad Cochran recently found himself in an altogether different – yet nonetheless ignominious – situation.

The Hill reports that Cochran, who one might imagine would know his way around the Senate after more than three decades in his current office, got turned around in the building on his way to a weekly Republican luncheon.

First, he exited an elevator while chatting with a reporter, only to realize he was on the wrong floor. While this type of oversight is altogether common, his next wrong turn led to some awkwardness for the seasoned politician.

After egressing from the elevator on the correct floor, Cochran made his way to a Democrat meeting instead of his intended destination.

Arkansas Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor engaged Cochran in a brief conversation before asking his Republican colleague if he intended to make the gathering a bipartisan affair. It was at that point, The Hill reported, that Cochran recognized the error of his ways.

“OK,” he told a reporter, “so I’ve got to find out where….”

Despite the fact that Cochran has not only spent more than a generation rambling through the Senate building and that the weekly luncheon commenced in the same location for much of that time, the senator seemed befuddled.

“Well, look, S-211,” he continued. “Let’s see if I can do this. I’ve been here long enough – 30 years.”

Amid reports that the 76-year-old has had some memory lapses in the recent past, his staff assured anyone concerned about his ability to perform his duties that the incident was much ado about nothing.

“It’s simple to get distracted when you’re walking along with a reporter in the Capitol,” said spokesperson Chris Gallegos. “Especially when it’s in session – it’s a very busy place.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Thad Cochran for Mississippi

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This old fart got dementia and don't know enough to quit.He is a RINO and should be thrown out for paying colored dems to vote for him.

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