This Disgusting Report Of Muslim Brotherhood Attack Defies Belief

Due to the overwhelming volume of shocking violent incidents reportedly perpetrated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, it unfortunately takes a truly atrocious act to warrant headlines among mainstream media outlets of note. Even then, however, most sources prefer to ignore or whitewash the most disturbing aspect of such reports.

According to an recent article by Raymond Ibrahim, the vile retaliation against a six-year-old boy believed to be a supporter of anti-Brotherhood revolutionary Abdel Fattah el-Sisi shows the extent to which these extremists will go to further their cause.

Ibrahim writes that the Egyptian boy was allegedly heard singing el-Sisi’s praises by Muslim Brotherhood member Ahmed Abu Sa’id. At that point, according to interviews with the victimized child and his parents, Sa’id invited him into a nearby shed and began raping him.

“You’re always holding pictures of this Sisi and singing his praises,” the Brotherhood member reportedly said. “Come, I’ll humiliate and break you – and your Sisi.”

As the violent attack transpired, the boy’s mother said she could hear her son screaming for help.

“I heard him crying and left my work and ran up to meet him,” she recalled. “He was holding his pants up. I thought some kids had beaten him.”

The atrocious behavior did not stop there, she insisted. Upon attempting to confront Sa’id about the incident, she said he and a number of other assailants beat her I the head with iron rods.

As the interview progressed, reports indicate more of the history between Sa’id and the boy’s family became apparent. According to the victim’s mother, Sa’id’s wife offered her a substantial sum of money to become a Muslim Brotherhood ally in Rabia.

When she refused, the stalemate between the two families reportedly became more hostile. Ultimately, her young child bore the wrath of an emboldened extremist, she indicated.

While this account, if valid, is an extreme example, there is little question that Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt embrace violence and intimidation in an effort to maintain power.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Arab MediaHub

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  1. mutantone says:

    gosh a gay attack on a child sounds about right for the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    muslim brotherhood murder children in cold blood,
    The attacks were done by al-qaeda muslim brotherhood. YouTube Video: Syria False Flag Caught On leaked Video Shows FSA, Rebels Launch Chemical Attack in Syria

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