This Company Think They Just Found Flight 370, And It’s Not Where Anyone Thought

Nearly two months after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished without a trace, speculation has abounded regarding its whereabouts. Numerous search efforts – largely focused on an area of the Indian Ocean off of Australia’s western coast – have frustratingly yielded no tangible results.

Australian exploration company GeoResonance, however, believes investigators have been looking in the wrong place. News reports indicate the company has located what it believes to be a crashed commercial jet about 3,100 miles to the north of the search area.

According to GeoResonance claims, the company has searched more than a million square miles and has found “chemical elements and materials that make up a Boeing 777” in the Bay of Bengal near India.



The technology used in the company’s search was reportedly similar to that used to locate nuclear warheads and submarines.

To bolster its claim that it has found MH370, the company claims a scan of the same area prior to its disappearance showed no such similar wreckage.

Investigators have centered their search on an area near where satellites last received data from the flight. As Western Journalism recently reported, though, more and more sources are suggesting the plane could have gone down elsewhere.

The New Strait Times, a Malaysian newspaper, suggested earlier this month that the wreckage might be found in a much more remote area.

If accurate, however, the recent report by GeoResonance offers what might be the most substantial evidence regarding what happened to the plane and the 239 individuals aboard.

Though the company claims it released the findings to the appropriate authorities about two weeks ago, a Malaysian official denied any knowledge of the report.

As the days drag on without any identifiable progress, the families affected by this crash – and millions who continue to follow the story – continue to wait for a resolution of this tragic and captivating saga. Only further research will determine if GeoResonance’s finding will lead to that long-awaited conclusion.

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  1. I've had a feeling that the plane did NOT go west as alleged, but EAST — to either Guam, Hawaii, American Samoa, etc. under remote control (as if it were a child's toy airplane, which in effect, it probably is). The Malaysian Air Force was chasing a false reading 180 degrees in the WRONG DIRECTION– an image of the real direction of the plane. This "wreckage", if it is that of an airplane, is probably of some other plane lost a long time ago. It wouldn't surprise me if a part of the "shadow government" (focused on the Pacific) is using that plane (and perhaps the bodies of the passengers) for the most hideous things imaginable — and all this is being deliberately hidden from us all. I just have this feeling about it — no "facts" (because those are being hidden from the eyes of the world). This is disgusting!

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