I’m all For Eating Healthy, But What This Mother Did Will Make You Lose Your Appetite

When doctors told a Florida woman that her child was dehydrated and needed immediate medical attention, WKMG reports she refused due to her insistence that treatment would violate her vegan sensibilities.

After authorities received word of her position, Casselberry police officers arrived at Sarah Anne Markham’s home to investigate. Though she was inside the residence as officers knocked on her door, the woman did not acknowledge their presence.

Ultimately, police gained entry after contacting a locksmith and, upon interviewing Markham, learned she was interested in securing a second opinion regarding her child’s health. Furthermore, police reports indicate, she took exception to the dehydration diagnosis, apparently because of the child’s regular bowel movements.

She went on to criticize the formula the doctor gave her, asserting it contains animal products. Instead, she told police she opted to use a soy-based product she bought from Whole Foods.

Officers asked Markham if a doctor approved the formula. She reportedly responded that it has to be safe because the retailer sells it.

While Markham told officers she had been in contact with a vegan doctor, she reportedly knew nothing about him aside from his name.

In the end, she confirmed she would take her child to the hospital, asserting she complied only because authorities gave her no alternative. When police checked back an hour later, however, the mother and child were still at the residence. At that point, Markham was arrested for child neglect.

Despite the fact that the baby was placed in the state’s custody, and she was informed she would not be able to see her child until a court hearing, police said Markham appeared relaxed as she was being taken to jail. One media report, however, indicates she expressed grief to her family.

Photo Credit: Takver from Australia (Creative Commons)

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