This Agency Just Logged Its Millionth 4th Amendment Violation

Obama Exercising Bill Of Rights SC This Agency Just Logged Its Millionth 4th Amendment Violation

I dread the summer travel season, and every year I drive more and fly less. Why? The TSA.

I used to love flying, and have logged more than a million miles in the sky.  But years ago, I made the mistake of reading a TSA union report on the complex machines that have replaced the simple magnetic scanners at airports. Once I read what the TSA union had to say about the health effects of the machines, I have opted out and asked for the alternative – or even hand screening.

Hand screening is a violation of my 4th Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution, but the speed and ease of flying trumps my desire to vindicate my rights. So like the millions of other sheep, I stand in line to be molested, poked, and probed.

Could the system be worse? I don’t see how. And so I decided to poll members of Congress to see if any fixes are on the horizon.  What I found out was ugly.

The TSA is an agency riddled with crime. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued a report that revealed the number of wrongful conduct cases involving the TSA’s workers rocketed higher from 2,691 to 3,408 between 2010 and 2012. And congressional hearings meant to improve the TSA haven’t been promising.

As Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina said of the GOA conclusions, “These findings are especially hard to stomach since so many Americans today are sick of being groped, interrogated and treated like criminals when passing through checkpoints…If integrity is truly a core value, then TSA, it’s time to prove it. Stop with the napping, the stealing, the tardiness and the disrespect, and earn Americans’ trust and confidence.”

And that’s not all, either. Theft is an escalating problem. iPads, computers, and other valuables just shouldn’t be checked in luggage that the TSA is going to screen. Ironically, the argument that launched the TSA stated: “We need to replace the poorly trained, often minimum wage-earning contract staff manning scanners at our airports, and replace them with an efficient, well-trained force of Federal workers who will dramatically upgrade the professionalism of the scanning experience.”

Instead, we’re now screened by poorly trained, unionized, and deputized Federal agents that are part of an agency riddled with corruption. They have the work ethic of unionized postal workers (and the customer service skills of the Department of Motor Vehicles.)

Digging into the GAO report is depressing because it reveals that the TSA isn’t even keeping records of all the wrongdoing. Here’s what the GAO statement said: “Without a review process, it is difficult to determine the extent to which deficiencies, if any, exist in the adjudications process. Further, TSA does not record all misconduct case outcomes, including cases that resulted in corrective action or no penalty, in its Integrated Database (TSA’s centralized case management system) because the agency has not issued guidance requiring the recording of all outcomes.”

Even TSA employees who were found stealing, and are amongst those reported, didn’t get fired. The GAO report also said that nearly half of the employees cited received a letter reprimanding them for their actions, while just 31% were suspended and only 17% were fired.

Here’s the real problem: The TSA is damaging the economy by disincentivizing travel. Studies have repeatedly shown that they can’t find bombs and guns in bags much of the time anyway. What valuables they do find are often at risk of being stolen.

It seems clear to me that the only solution is to abolish the agency and turn all screening over to the airports and airlines that managed it before the TSA was ever created. If you want to establish federal guidelines for screening similar to the guidelines for airline maintenance, so be it. But the TSA is beyond reform, and abolition is the only solution.


This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Bearer of Truth says:
    2: born to a Citizen (obama's birth mother is a citizen duhhhh) or 3: you have to obtain citizen ship through naturalization (which is the only thing that would prevent you from being president)… NOW if we are going to throw him out of office the way to do that is for the right reasons and there are so many of them like spying on the American people, not upholding the constitution, genocide with the violation of our right to due process with the Monsanto Protection Act, Benghazi.. Omg there are so many other reasons.. GET over the Citizen thing his birth mother is a citizen of the United States and Unless your sexist THAT makes him a Citizen just as if his father was a US Citizen and his mother wasn't.. sheeesh people. How can you know if Obama is Violating our Constitution if you don't even know what makes you a citizen??

    • Native American says:

      Then why did he register at Occidental College under the name Sotero and receive students foreign financial aid claiming he was from Indonesia…..duh??

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      No wonder you're tired. You don't understand the Constitution.
      Yes, you are a citizen if born in the US, born to an American citizen or are naturalized.
      What you seem to miss is the requirements to be POTUS. This is very exact.
      1) You must be at least 35 years of age.
      2) You must have been a resident of America for a minimum of 14 years previous.
      3) (and most important) You must be a NATURAL born citizen. According to multiple SCOTUS rulings, a natural born citizen is a child born of parentS who are American citizens on American soil.
      There are many reasons obama can, and should, be impeached. Just take your pick. But to ignore the fact he is not eligible to hold office of POTUS, one might as well ignore any of the other reasons.
      When evidence is shown that obama has held a foreign citizenship, this should be one of the items at the top of the list, along with Benghazi, of reasons for impeachment.
      You're outraged that they are trying to sweep Benghazi under the rug. Is this obvious refusal to uphold the Constitution any less important? Why?

      • Thank you for setting that straight Seeks_the_truth! If someone like C.H is going to be outraged, he should at least try to know what he's talking about! I remember studying the Constitution in the 8th grade and being told that I couldn't ever be the President of the United States because I was born in Germany to two US Citizen parents. Now, if I really, really had a chance at being the President of these United States, I think I could make the argument that I WAS born on US controlled soil in the form of a US Army Hospital and therefore "US soil," but Obama isn't even close to qualifying.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          According to the ruling in S.Res. 511 (110th): A resolution recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen, as long as both of your parents are US citizens and you were born on a Military base while at least one parent was a member of the military, you are considered a Natural Born Citizen and CAN hold the position of POTUS.
          With obama, not withstanding his birth issue, he also held citizenship in Indonesia. It's unknown if he still holds at a minimum dual or not. This fact alone makes him ineligible to hold POTUS.

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