These Pictures Prove Just How Much The Government Abused Justina Pelletier When They Took Her


It’s been a long journey for Justina Pelletier and her family. Since being taken away from her family and held in captivity for over 16 months, the 16-year-old has experienced some physical side-effects – along with the emotional hardship.

How much has she suffered under the care of Boston Children’s Hospital and the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families?

Take a look for yourselves…

Here are some pictures of Justina before being taken to BCH:

justina pelletier with dog

Photo Credit: Health Impact News

Justina Pelletier Skating

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


Photo Credit: The Blaze

In contrast, here are a few photos of the teen throughout her time locked away from her family:

Flickr scleroplex medium

Photo Credit: Flickr User scleroplex

Justina Flickr Lynn. J. Cheramie III 2

Photo Credit: Flickr User Lynn J. Cheramie III

Juatina Flickr Lynn. J. Cheramie III

Photo Credit: Lynn J. Cheramie III

Justina-tummy Guardian

Photo Credit: Guardian Liberty Voice

Since she’s returned home, however, Justina is looking healthier and happier!

Justina After fb

Photo Credit: A Miracle For Justina FB Group


Photo Credit: The Valley Patriot

Justina Flickr scleroplex

Photo Credit: Flickr User scleroplex


Photo Credit: Fox News Insider (screenshot)

Justina enjoying lunch

Photo Credit: A Miracle For Justina

After being home for less than three weeks, it is clear the brave teen has improved in health by leaps and bounds. It will be great to see how Justina continues to improve as time goes on.

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    I just hope and pray she getsback to herold self.

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