There Is No Truth In America Today

Obama Lies SC There Is No Truth In America Today

Faced with the onslaught of misinformation coming from every angle imaginable, I’ve come to the following conclusion: there is no truth in America today. America is a nation of liars. That is the unfortunate truth. It does not matter where the lies are coming from. Lies are lies. The art of lying has become second nature in politics today and is supported by the national media. The leaders of our nation have become experts at looking directly into the lens of the camera and unleashing an endless stream of misinformation to bolster their personal agendas. It does not matter if it’s a bald-faced lie; the only thing that matters is that they know they can get away with it. This is why there is no truth in America today. Americans are sick of the lies and deception. Enough is enough.

Not a day goes by where we are not being mislead. And it doesn’t matter what the topic of discussion is. It could be the economy. It could be job growth. It could be a variety of different topics such as immigration, gun control, same sex marriage, the sequester, etc. It could even be a tragic event in a far away country where lives were lost and nobody in our government had the decency to intervene. Rather than accept responsibility for their poor judgment, they chose instead to lie about what really happened. In a despicable act of cowardice, they chose to fabricate the details of what had transpired in an attempt to hide the truth. In short, they lied to all of us. This is unacceptable.

Or is it? I am offended to state that not only is this acceptable; it is normal in today’s political circles. It gets even worse. There was a time when honor and integrity meant something. Not anymore. Now one can sit confidently and lie before a congressional investigation, yet still be considered the front-runner for your party’s nomination for the highest office in the land. It’s true. Lying doesn’t matter anymore. Instead, what matters today is mastering the art of manipulating the electorate, regardless of how this is accomplished. The compulsive liar knows it isn’t difficult to manipulate someone who is unwilling to seek the truth. This is why they can get away with doing what they do best. If no one is calling foul, there is no accountability.

There was a time when lying was frowned upon with utter disdain. Those caught in a lie lost all credibility. Now it’s like a parlor game. If you’re caught lying, you are not immediately cast aside for not being trustworthy. In a complete reversal, you are now judged by your ability to tell a lie and get away with it. Ironically, the lie isn’t the topic of discussion anymore; that is considered a normal part of being a politician. The fact is that politicians lie every single day. This is expected. The nature of the lie and whether or not it will have a lingering impact, positive or negative, is all that matters now. Telling the lie isn’t important. If you can tell a lie and withstand the potential short-term backlash in order to accomplish your long term goal, then it’s a lie worth telling.

No one knows this better than the current occupant of the oval office. Through a litany of lies and deception, he convinced a low-information electorate to re-elect him to a second term in office. There is no question his opponent had the better qualifications, but it didn’t matter in the end. What mattered most were the systematic attacks on the character of the losing candidate, whether they were true or not. The old adage “if you tell a lie enough times, then it becomes the truth” was in full view for all to see. Even when caught in an obvious lie, the incumbent steadfastly continued to repeat the lie over and over again, in complete disregard of the truth. It didn’t matter what the truth was, so long as enough people believed it was true.

There is no truth in America today. This pattern of deceit has even begun to trickle down. People are beginning to lie about everything. They lie on their unemployment applications. They lie on their disability applications. They lie on their food stamps application. It’s now the norm rather than the exception for many. When someone lies indiscriminately, it is no longer an issue of integrity; there is no integrity. All that’s left is an entitlement mentality where one is dependent on the government for their basic needs. This is not the America forged by our Founding Fathers. This is a different one, an America faced with an uncertain future. Welcome to today’s harsh reality.

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  1. Marian says:

    You have written an excellent albeit depressing article which is probably the truest thing I have read in a very long time. We have become a nation of liars, idiots, and pigs and not necessarily in that order. The total lack of integrity in every facet of life today is overwhelming. It seems those people we elect or hire have no compunction about lying. I remember being appalled when I first realized that young people were lying on their resumes…………now that is rampant and no one seems to care. There is no accountability, there is no
    disdain, there are no repercussions to those that lie. I am absolutely sick of this society in which we are now forced to live. I am 73 years old, but I really worry about my children and grandchild and what they will have to face and/or deal with in their lifetimes. We obviously have been asleep at the switch for a very long time in the USA in order for this despicable loss of integrity to occur.

    • David1942 says:

      Ditto, Marian. At age 71 I have become a vitual hermit. I absolutely dread getting involved in any transaction. They always seem to end adversely for me the purchaser of goods, services. Rudeness and snake oil shenanigans rule. It's a shame and tragedy.

  2. Where is the picture of all 535 politicians with the LONG Noses. Lie`s are a politicians best friend and, to be used freely in all circumstances. The only difference is the Democrats have made Lying a Communication Science. Always CRINGE when a Democrat say`s…"The People Want" …pucker your ah, Bottom.

  3. wayne mann says:

    The truth can’t be heard because the lies are too loud from the government.!!!

  4. RacerJim says:

    Roger that…sadly.

    "The Greatest Generation" must be absolutely, completely, totally and utterly disgusted, disheartened and disillusioned with today's America.

    I am a 70yo product of that generation and I very well remember the days when a handshake was more binding than any legal contract, when if you didn't have something nice to say about someone you didn't say anything about them, when "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You" was SOP, when Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were for Boys and Girls respectively and only, when people who didn't show respect for the American Flag and/or didn't stand with their right hand over their heart and sing the National Anthem and/or didn't stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance were the exception rather than the norm — and the list goes on and on.

    Vietnam Veteran

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