There Is A War On Unions, And We’re Winning!

Chicago Teachers Union SC There is a war on unions, and we’re winning!

An honest person (which of course excludes most Democrats) understands that any “War on Women” in this country is most certainly being conducted by Democrats at all levels of government. A “Republican War on Women” is a Freudian use of words, invented by a lapdog media to deflect the truth. Despite the fact that we hear the phrase over and over again from a Democrat-controlled media, there is no such thing as a Republican War on Women.

Nevertheless, there is an actual war that is unquestionably being waged by the Republican Party against its union enemies. There is little fanfare to this war; it is quietly being conducted in some formerly very strong union states like Michigan. In spite of a general media blackout on the subject, this war is being won by Republicans determined to break the headlock grip greedy unions have had on their state over the past fifty years.

The latest victory, which will go under-reported if mentioned at all, comes from Michigan, the one time heart of union power in America. Last week, the state’s Appeals Court ruled that the right to work granted to private employees, which keeps them from being forced to join a union, must be extended to government employees as well.

The law that the Court upheld prohibits unions from forcing any Michigan worker, whether in private or public employment, from being compelled to join a union and/or pay union dues. It also forbids such coercive treatment from being part of any labor contract executed after March 2013.

The clear result of this decision is that “agency shops” (government agencies) can no longer extort dues from Michigan’s unwilling workers as they are in places like New York City, where even being a cop or firefighter means automatic membership in a union (no ifs, ands, or buts.)

Michigan can now be welcomed into the fold of right to work states as the group’s 24th member. Michigan’s workers no longer have to make payoffs to union goons just to be able to do a day’s work. In spite of the media’s blackout on it, this is a big victory.

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  1. How did unions get an exemption from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? From Section 1: "Sec. 1. Every contract, combination in the form of trust or other wise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is hereby declared to be illegal." The 'restraint of trade' here is in trade of LABORERS.

    One of these restraints, ironically enough, is the MINIMUM WAGE (which should be illegal since it forces employers to pay someone MORE than what the employer and worker may actually agree on as their wage). Another such restraint is FORCED UNIONISM (where a worker can not negotiate a wage FOR HIMSELF OR HERSELF with his employer — who is a legal person under the 14th Amendment as properly interpreted).

    Two such violations should be enough to demand the END OF ALL UNIONS AS WE KNOW THEM unless we repeal or re-amend the14th Amendment (which originally made Negroes, who were previously 'non-persons' under the law, into 'persons' — but has been used PROPERLY [due to its imprecise wording] to make ANY NON-PERSON, even a dog, cat, worm OR CORPORATION, into a 'person' under the law based on this misguided amendment).

  2. I think the teachers union has ruined it for a lot of people and other unions, they are a greedy picketing bunch. I am a member of the teamsters union and my husband died 3 months ago, if it werent' for the money my husband paid into the union for his retirement benefits I would be in the street, I now get his pension. I can't imagine what jobs would be like if it were not for Unions, you would have people working for 1960 wages like they do down sounth where there are no unions, some of those people work for 3 dollars an hour, there are no unions to stop that. Be careful what you wish for.

    • (Part 2)Republicans think they would get all of the votes and support if there were no Unions to back the democrats, that is not true, I voted Republican for years, I am now an independent because I don't like the way the Republicans are handling anything, it has nothing to do with the Union, they never tell us who to vote for. I don't know of anyone who wants to gety rid of the Unions who does not have an ulterior motive. I am not for Teachers unions, that is a career, they chose it and they get well paid for it. I m beginning to think they are always rabble rousing just to get other unions brought into their dark spotlight, get them out and leave the rest f the Unions out of it, truckdrivers need a Union, especially with the foreign trade being brought in by non union workers who don't know what a decent wage is .

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