The War On Christmas – First Amendment Style

Christmas Display Creative Commons chooyutshing The War on Christmas   First Amendment Style

With Christmas now less than two weeks away, the attacks on Christmas and the First Amendment are in full swing – this is nothing really out of the norm in modern America.

The Christmas tree is now the “Holiday Tree”, and you are no longer allowed to display your nativity scene without some Athiest group filing a lawsuit because it “offended” them.

This is where I draw the line, and I am glad that Bill O’Reilly has too.

Celebrating Christmas was a staple of American culture. But now, if you celebrate Christmas, you are not being tolerant of the feelings, concerns, or religions of others.

This is more than wrong, and it is just not rational.

What hurts just as bad as Christmas and Christianity being demonized is that the First Amendment is always used as the left’s argument against Christmas. “Separation of Church and State,” they will always say.

But let’s get one thing right. Legally, there is no such thing as separation of church and state. It completely doesn’t exist. The first amendment reads:

..Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion, nor preventing the free exercise thereof..

I didn’t see the Separation of Church and State Clause; did you?

The First Amendment doesn’t say anything about Ten Commandments in the public square, nativity scenes on public property, or even that the government cannot favor a particular religion. The First Amendment clearly says that Congress cannot establish a religion.

But, what does this mean?

This means that Congress cannot make a law declaring Christianity the official religion of the United States-and if you don’t openly practice Christianity, you could be prosecuted for treason.

However, this also means that Congress and the governmental cannot tell a man that he cannot openly practice his religion, even if it means having a nativity scene, a Christmas Tree, or displaying the Ten Commandments.

The actual meaning of the First Amendment has long been lost in translation, and most Americans don’t actually know what it says, nor what it means.

If I told the average American that there is no “Separation of Church and State Clause,” they would probably argue to the death with me that there is such a thing.

I am absolutely tired and more than disgusted with people who infringe on my rights given to me by our founding fathers because they think I’m infringing on theirs.

But let me ask a question.

If having a nativity scene in a public square infringes upon your rights because you aren’t a Christian, does it not infringe upon my rights to not be able to place it  there? If you don’t like it, go ahead and place your Buddha statue or crescent moon next to it; and I’ll shake your hand and call you my fellow brother.

The Progressive left, I think, is doing the absolute opposite of the First Amendment.

I think they are trying to demonize all Christians and establish a Secular Humanist religion in America. But that’s just me; what do I know? (I am in high school anyway.)

America used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now we are America the land of the lawsuit and home of the coward. It’s sickening.

I hope we can rediscover the true meaning of the First Amendment and Christmas for that matter. Those are two long-lost things that used to make American exceptional.

Merry Christmas, and God Bless you!

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  1. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Amen, Chris!

  2. Thank you Chris, for your article on our rights to express our beliefs in God and to display the nativity scene if we wish to do so.

    Mary Christmas to you, and God Bless you too

  3. they just have nothing in their manger…..and are jeoulous


    • To GDC your mama

    • to GDC

      If you don't believe in God, that is your business, but to try to take it away from others is wrong. Christians are not bothering or hurting people or blowing them up, unlike Muslims. One day you will die, and whether you believe it or not, hell is real. You are on your way to hell, God is real whether you believe it or not. Your mama did not do a good job on raising a fool like you. I would not be surprise that you believe that man came from monkey, if that is true then why is monkey not creating more humans?

  5. Today 18 little children were massacred at a school in Connecticut along with several adults. People are wondering why. Number one, the atheists have been allowed to remove many of our religious beliefs and symbols, and our children are being brainwashed into thinking God is just a myth. One atheist can complain and remove Christian symbols from our schools, buildings ,etc. yet millions of Christians who would like to keep displays of Christmas and other Christian symbols have no voice. We cannot survive as a nation or an individual if we don't have to account for our sinful ways. True Christians do not kill, lie, steal, commit adultery, or covet. What is wrong that you atheists cannot see that these are are peaceful and loving ways, and you have nothing to fear if we believe in them. We do not bother you and your way of thinking, so can't you just let us be?I do not like football, boxing, wrestling, bull fighting, basket ball and many other sports, but does that mean that if I complain they will be stopped? I would not want to deprive the people who enjoy these things the right to attend them or watch them on television.
    Second is the amount of violence and depravity we see in movies, television, arcade games and computer games. Some people become insensitive to these things, and since they do not believe in God, they have
    no fear of the consequences of their acts. If you go back into the fifties and beyond, you never heard of these massacres at schools, malls, theaters and other places. And don't blame the guns. There are slashers, stranglers, suffocaters, and other ways people kill, so if they really want to kill they will find a way.

    • Well said. But back in the 50's & 60's there wasn't the internet & the Left was still high on dope! But now they want & are trying to control our way of thinking & traditions & religion! NOT gonna happen! This is a plan to bring down this country & BO is the leader! BUT, now with the murder of all those yesterday it is apparant that God & Prayer are needed more than ever! PRAY for all those lost & their families! My heart breaks that their Christmas & their lives have changed forever! MY GOD…even BO said GOD BLESS…which I know was a crock comming from him!

  6. As I wrote two of my friends this morning, “where there is a void, something will fill it”, and in the case of our schools, and every place elsewhere, our void has grown to giant proportions, and something was bound to fill all those voids left in the souls of mankind. When good is destroyed, the only thing left to fill the huge void left by all the good and decency, is pure EVIL! God was banned from our schools, and from our lives, because we allowed Him to be banned, we did not stand up and defend our God GIVEN rights to invite Him into our lives and into our daily businesses, instead, we sat on our collective rearends, and let this happen. When the atheist Madeline Murrey O’Hara, (if I got the name and spelling wrong, forgive me, but anyone who is old enough will remember her) demanded that God be banned from schools, and that prayers be banned also, this was the first step on our downward spiral. Since then, violence has taken place in our schools and other places, and I can’t help but wonder, what else did we really expect? When God was taken out, then in came the violence that we now see, and we invited into our schools the police, who cannot be everywhere at once, UNLIKE GOD, who is in all places at all times………GOD IS WATCHING US……….and He sees everything, even into our hearts, whether they be righteous or evil, God SEES! So, having God in our kindergardens, and in our high schools and other such places, which have these children to care for and educate, would have been much better protection than having God and GUNS banned from them. IF God were ALLOWED there, I’d trust HIM to protect my child far more than I would any adult anywhere on the school grouds. No, we opened our doors wide open for evil to enter, and evil is exactly what ENTERED THAT SCHOOL YESTERDAY! And the consequences are horrible indeed. God in our schools would bring peace. It did bring peace for many years before, and it would still bring about peace of a kind if He had been left there to do what only GOD DOES BEST! If people do not respect God, then they will respect no one else! And these days, our youth respect no one, and they have no hope for anything good. They are all walking voids, and at some point in time, a lot of these young people will do what this young man did yesterday. His own personal void was so great that he apparently lost the ability to care about anyone, including the most innocent of all of us, the children! I beleive that in time, this will repeat itself, and it will only grow worse. This HUGE VOID IN OUR YOUTH IS GETTING BIGGER ALL THE TIME! And this HUGE VOID WILL MOST CERTIANLY BE FILLED WITH SOMETHING………..AND I BELEIVE THAT IT WILL NOT BE FILLED WITH GOOD, DECENCY AND WELL INTENTIONS FOR ANYONE, INSTEAD THE VIOLENCE WILL GROW WORSE AND MORE INNOCENTS WILL DIE AS A RESULT OF A DYING SOCIETY! UNLESS, UNLESS WE REPENT OF OUR MANY SINS AGAINST GOD, THIS WILL ONLY CONTINUE TO GET WORSE! Disagree with me if you will, call me names even, but I truly beleive that having thrown out God everywhere, satan “walketh about, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”, and yesterday, satan feasted upon the deaths of a nation gone wrong, horribly wrong.

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