The Very Bad Week in D.C.

Michael Oberndorf,

It’s been another one of those weeks, when every day has brought a new jaw-dropping revelation about the unbridled, unmitigated, unabashed corruption of what formerly was “our” government. We have an election coming in a year and a half, and we clearly have our work cut out for ourselves. Let’s make a brief summary of the abuse America has been subjected to this week by her self-appointed, and self-anointed “leaders.”

The cesspool that used to be the Senate voted 95-5 for a blatantly unconstitutional bill, misleadingly named the America Invents Act, S. 23. This bill destroys over 200 years of patent protections for American inventors, and imposes, instead, “global standards” that amount to a giveaway of American inventions to the Chinese. Phyllis Schlafly has been warning about this bill and its consequences for some time, but her astute analysis has apparently been ignored by the smarter-than-the-average-rocks in the Senate. In her latest piece, she goes into the unconstitutionality of this new outrage. It is well worth a look, since it’s clear the Senate didn’t.

In another sleight-of-hand move, the Senate voted to approve an amendment to….

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  1. donjusko says:

    The Tea Party is already the largest group of citizens ever formed in this country, ever. The Tea Party is against Obama and his policies. When this group speaks again in 2012 Obama and all his policies will be defeated, if he lasts that long.

    • I hope to GOD you right !

    • Joseph Cascia says:

      I am amazed at the amount of people that voted for him in the first place. You think people have been educated to him in 2 years I think you are as naive as some. It scares me to think he will get elected again, but there is a sucker bormne every minute and laot of uneducated folks in the US that will vote for him again. None of which would considerer reading this kind of stuff. How do we reach them?

  2. .POSTED March 14 2010 .At the last minute a Senate committee removed draconian language that would criminalize criticism of homosexuality with fines and imprisonment from a bill just before the Massachusetts Senate voted on it on Thursday. .VIDEO TV News Coverage – Brian Camenker of MassResistance is interviewed by New England Cable News at the State House just before the Senate vote.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    They are a bunch of thieves.

  4. michael says:

    I say we need to purge all the people in congress and the senate and start fresh and pass laws that are constitutional and void all the b.s. laws that congress and the senate has passed. Put term limits on people in the congress and senate too. Call out Obama on his phoney ssn and birth certificate too. Obama is committing fraud and should not be sitting in the oval office. He is a national disgrace.

  5. I am not at all surprised at this 95-5 vote on this bill from the SPINELESS senate, They have been selling out to China for years. There was something in for them to have voted this way, it’s called MONEY, I know for a fact that many senators hold their hands out and welcome bribery like kids hold their hands out for candy. It’s second nature for senators. Clinton the whore opened the door with NAFTA. What a sell out. You wonder why we have no jobs in this Country? Talk to Willy Clinton.

  6. Joseph Cascia says:

    It is time we took our government back and made some adjustment to the constitution . Term limits, Limits ofn the president with out congresional approval, Congress taking social security, & health care like the rest of us.
    Sending money to Military personel and to elderly instead of selling our military to United nations.
    Building Americas Transportation sytems to encourage public mass transit, building a pipeline from the flooded sates to the waterless west. There is alot we can do under the banner CHARITY STARTS AT HOME

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