The US Communists’ Ultimate Goal: Population Control

United Nations flag SC The US Communists Ultimate Goal: Population Control

As we all know, in order to have the “perfect” communist utopia (otherwise known as the new world order), the population will have to be controlled in order to make it sustainable. I will now list a few things that are being pushed not only by the United Nations, but by our own liberal/communists who serve in very high government posts.

First, and the most obvious, abortion and free birth control. A population cannot grow with these things being readily available.

Second, the Gay agenda, including marriage. Procreation was established by Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Third, unwinnable wars. This is a much slower way to decrease the population; but when our troops have no clear rules of engagement, they are simply opened up to execution.

Fourth, Obamacare death panels. Although we were told that this was a fairy tale in the beginning, look at the socialized health care model in Europe. If you are sick when you are born, if you’re lucky enough (see the first point), or if you are handicapped or too old and in need of senior care, the State will not use the money for you that could be used to keep a younger, more productive member of the collective well.

Fifth, poverty. While our government continues to kill the economy and promise more handouts, eventually, the money will run out; and you may starve to death.

Sixth, a flat-out takeover of the country. As the Department of Homeland Security buys up billions of rounds of ammunition, armored vehicles by the hundreds, and assault rifles, you have to at least wonder who they will be using them on.

Each point taken one at a time may not mean much, but, when they are taken altogether, simply spell disaster for the population. Even the Georgia guidestones have stated the need for population control as well as sustainable development (Agenda 21). Take the time to ponder these points as they all lead to one central goal: Population Control. As always my fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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