The Ultimate Assassination Tool: Pentagon Creates Self-Guided Bullets!

Photo Credit: The US Army (Creative Commons)

The Pentagon has created the ultimate assassination and sniping tool: the self-guided bullet.

The bullet was developed by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which has worked on a gamut of technologies including robots, prosthetics, and drones.

A DARPA video has been released of the .50 caliber bullet curving around to find its target:

The DARPA project that developed the computerized bullets is called Exacto. According to DARPA, the Exacto bullet program is designed to “revolutionise rifle accuracy and range by developing the first ever guided small-calibre bullet.” DARPA further described the new bullets in a released statement:

“Exacto’s specially designed ammunition and real-time optical guidance system help track and direct projectiles to their targets by compensating for weather, wind, target movement and other factors that could impede successful hits.

“The Exacto programme is developing new approaches and advanced capabilities to improve the range and accuracy of sniper systems beyond the current state of the art.”

The bullets would not be used by most soldiers, but would be specifically designed for snipers, according to Justin Bronk, a research analyst at the Rusi think-tank.

What do you think of the new self-guided bullets?

Photo Credit: The US Army (Creative Commons)

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