The Ultimate Aim Of The Gay “marriage” Plot

Gay Marriage SC The Ultimate aim of the Gay “marriage” plot

The gay marriage plot is not hard to see. It goes as follows:  First, legalize gay “marriage.” Next, use tax law to force churches to commit to gay “marriages” with an either/or choice. Finally, close those that refuse to commit to gay “marriages.”

The forced choice will be: gay “marriage,” or lose tax exempt status.

The real target of all of this is the Catholic Church. For all of her faults, the Catholic Church has steadfastly refused to change her position against same-gender marriage. The elevation of Pope Francis has done nothing to make anyone think this position will be changed.

The Left knows that a Supreme Court victory will never give gays what they really want, which is a totally unfettered lifestyle and “freedom” to live not only as they wish, but to be accepted as equals in everyday life. With the Catholic Church standing in the way, that is a door gays will never be able to open.

Defeating a Church as strongly opposed to gay “marriage” as the Catholic Church is her gay enemy’s goal. Nevertheless, those who believe the approximately 28 million Catholics – actual Catholics who actually attend Mass each week – will roll over and accept gay “marriage” in their churches are terribly wrong.

The media can poll people who once walked past St. Patrick’s Cathedral and count them as Catholics to show “Catholics” voted for Barack Obama and love gay “marriage”; but real Catholics know the truth.

The plan will be carried out in an insidious and low-keyed manner. A pastor of a small unaffiliated white Protestant church will have a gay couple ask him to marry them, knowing he will say no. Since the pastor is unaffiliated with a larger structure, he will be faced with a lawsuit putting him in an “either/or” trap: Commit gay “marriages,”  violate Scripture, and stay open; or refuse and be taxed out of existence.  At first, many will resist; but eventually, some, then more and more, will be forced to cave in.

When the first legal case is won by gay “marriage” supporters, a legal precedent will be established.  Larger churches such as Evangelical Assembly’s will be next – mosques and Orthodox Jewish synagogues will NOT be approached as it would not be worth the distraction.

Eventually, a prominent gay Catholic will demand to “marry” a gay partner in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. When that day comes, the gay enemies of Catholicism will see their long-held dream of putting the Catholic Church in an “either/or” trap become reality.

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    The forced choice will be: gay marriage, or lose tax exempt status. I pray that these Christians Pastors do not go along with this gay marriage crap, even if it means to lose their tax exempt status. This is the work of the enemy, God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for this very act of homosexual, God hates the homosexual act and considers it disgusting in his eyes. God did not create Adam and Steve for marriage, he gave Adam a woman for marriage and pro-creation.

    • Clint O'Brien says:

      Have you got the videos of "Him" giving Adam a woman or of God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah ? It could be that Santa Claus came down my chimney a while back but I missed him. Nice story though. I heard that those guys that spent forty years in the desert were falling in love with their camels. Now, that's more believeable. Just might be that nature gave man a woman and a rooster a hen .

  2. This is probably factual info. If you watch the factor with Oreilly, then you know he is a catholic who doesnt believe in gay marriage but he does think its only fair.

  3. Charlie Hanna says:

    Our gay "President", is just doing everything he can to spread the acceptance of a gay lifestyle. As I learned in the Middle East, where normal men have male concubines, being gay is simply an accepted "belief." Nobody is born gay. Everything is a result of our own thinking, whether it be conscious or sub-conscious. Otherwise, we will have to believe that most Arab men are born gay.

    • Carol2324 says:

      With all due respect, Charlie, God creates babies with all sorts of congenital anomalies including club foot, cleft palate, absence of nerve receptors for pain, absence of a conscience, webbed toes, and various heart and gastric defects to name a few. So I do believe it is possible He sends us a few with irregular sexual orientations, as well.

      However, I also believe that in a sexually charged atmosphere, such as our 'entertainments' are today, it is likely that some will be drawn to experiment on the 'wild side'. I know for sure of one such case.

      I join you in grieving that our nation is even having this whole conversation as it is repugnant in the extreme. It is wrong to form public policy on what is essentially a personal matter.

    • Clint O'Brien says:

      Most of those those guys in prison weren't born gay but have homosexual relationships while in prison and are not gay when released. A real (born) gay is still gay when he gets out of prison. When most Arab men get back to their harem they no longer need a boyfriend. Same as the Romans when they were conquering most of the known world. There were many cold nights up in the Alps when there were no girls around. I think it is quite evident that (for some reason) the gays are more talented in the arts and design than the straights. But, if you want to believe that the world is flat, go at it.

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