The Two Alternatives To Stopping The Violence

Bible The Two Alternatives to Stopping the Violence

I am saddened and sickened by the constant news of the killings in Chicago. If we want this madness to stop, we have only two real alternatives.

The first is to tightly control everything that goes on in our society: police on every block ’round the clock, frequent random searches of cars and persons, numerous traffic checkpoints in higher crime areas, and surveillance cameras everywhere.

But our country started with a war over liberty. And liberty will not work if the people do not have the restraints within themselves to do what is right.

Since our country was first colonized in the 1600s, through its official birth at the end of the 18th century until the middle of the 20th century, our public schools taught about God and our responsibility to Him and each other. The Bible was taught, and prayers were said.

Then in the middle of the 20th century, this was found to have all been unconstitutional, though it had been in common practice for about 180 years after our country’s founding with the full support of our country’s founders, the ones who wrote this First Amendment that apparently now forbids it.

Our country has worked hard to scrub all mention and sign of God from our culture, and then we wonder why people act with so little self-restraint or regard for others.

The Bible taught us to love our neighbors, and now we are taught to merely tolerate them. Which is another way of saying to ignore them.

Without God, we have to keep making more and more laws to try to stop the actions of people who live only for themselves because they have little reason to care for others. And where laws make certain actions harder to act out, intent malevolents will only seek out new ways to perpetuate their violence. We worry about guns. In other parts of the world, the weapons of choice are explosives.

The guns are the symptoms and not the real problem. Until we return to “one nation under God,” we have no hope of stemming the violence without becoming a police state.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    STOP ALL tourism to chigo and let them drown in their own blood!! Make sure it doesn't happen in your city or state!!!!
    Political corruption is the base of ALL societal unrest!!!! chigo has been a cesspool for decades!!

    • TW Hannegan says:

      Homer has said it all, and it's all true, I know I am 89 years old and thats the way it was and should be today..

      Most kids 12 and older had a 22 rifle and dads had 30-30 Rifle and a revolver.
      They never saw the inside of a school.

  2. GOOD HIT…I can tell anyone who wants to get rid of guns, and I mean w/out destroying the 2nd amendment, here is the solution: BRING the KJV bible and Bible study and prayer back to school! Pre 1964 searches will show that most things except for standards and education and grades went down, way down and FAST.., the others hit the red line as real bad! What was ONLY spit wads and a little cursing when i was a child in school (We Got a paddle when i was in, by the principle and by the parents when they found out) has now become very poor grades and attendance and bad manners and drugs and violence of all kinds etc The education system stinks…because no God, NO Bible and NO prayer! When we had these three we had a the best schools in the world now…down to about what 17th…Forget the guns BRING GODs WORD nad Prayer back into schools….OTHERWISE everyone will have to carry a gun for fear!! CONSIDER THIS and search it out of what i have said!!!

  3. The marxists corrupt agenda of Rom and his views is he wants to control and hold the legal law abiding citizens hostage and under his master like attitude and make them slaves of the city…He could care less about the criminals because they are the ones who is on his side and doing his work for him by keeping up the violence ..This way Rom and his cronies and this administration can say we need gun control so the shootings will stop…along with saying we control the guns and we conrtol the people and we then can keep them on the city plantation…And the Gov. will be their task masters…Just one man's opinion

  4. disgusted says:

    Bringing God and Prayer back is really the cure as you say Homer.

    But, another way, one which would not be real popular, or “politically correct” is something that can’t be writen here………but consider the problem, the “Problem” in Chicago, and draw your own conclusions……….violence, murders, rapes, robberies, all of which is to be laid at the door of ?????????? Think about it, and as Jeff Foxworthy said some years back, “There’s your sign!” We have a SLIME in office, one who claims to be half “black” and has set our racial divisions at the highest levels since when? We are a nation divided ……………and I wonder why………………no, I don’t wonder, I know why. Ending the violence has three alternatives, the best of which is truly to bring Back GOD TO THE CLASSROOMS, but failing that, I like my alternative as a last resort! enough is enough. Lay the BLAME RIGHT WHERE IT BELONGS! The PARENTS OF THE ONES WHO ARE THE MOST VIOLENT AND THE ONES WHO ARE CAUSING THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! So, I am a ******!

  5. GOD is love. If you take GOD/love out of a marriage it will fail, they will get a divorce. You take GOD/love out of society there will be violence. Love/GOD brings peace, Isa. 9:6 calls GOD The Prince of Peace. So if you remove the Prince of Peace you will have hatred/violence. Beware of the satan worshipers in office.

  6. Our prisons are FULL of people that believe in God!!!! That IS 99.9999% of the prison population is religious and over 70% Christians!!!

  7. For @Tom, God IS a BIZARRE DELUSION!!!! and Religion IS a PSYCHOSIS!!!

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