The Strange Moral Compass Of Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner SC The Strange Moral Compass of Christopher Dorner

Chris Dorner thinks he’s a highly moral individual. A crusader for justice. A righter of wrongs. Maybe even a hero.

At least that’s the impression I get from reading the intense, sharply written, yet frequently absurd manifesto he allegedly posted on Facebook last week.

Dorner—AKA “Rambro,” “Blambo,” and “The Real Django”—continues to elude authorities as of this writing. The ex-LAPD officer and former Navy Reservist is suspected of fatally shooting a civilian couple in Irvine, CA last Sunday, a mere two days after Dorner formally left the Navy. One victim, Monica Quan, is the daughter of a retired LAPD officer who’d defended Dorner in a departmental matter. Dorner is also suspected of shooting three police officers in Riverside, CA on Thursday, killing one.

As Dorner explains it, this was all a “necessary evil.” In his manifesto, he says that the killing will continue—not only of LAPD officers, but of their children. And they made him do it. He’s not responsible.

All this killing will be justified, according to Dorner, because he once saw a fellow LAPD officer kick a schizophrenic and he once heard a pair of LAPD cops (who, judging by their surnames, were Mexicans) refuse to apologize for saying the word “nigger.”

Dorner is a man with many grievances. His manifesto mentions incidents both in childhood and adulthood where he was either called a nigger or he heard someone use the word nigger, and both times he responded with violence. He saw and approves of the recent kill-whitey cinematic bloodfest Django Unchained. A huge part of his rapidly evolving public persona is centered on the idea of justified black rage. His case recalls that of Nkosi Thandiwe, who murdered a white woman and said his anthropology classes taught him that white people were uniquely evil and that he was trying “to spread the message of making white people mend.” It recalls that of Omar Thornton, who shot up a Connecticut beer distributor’s building in 2010 and in the process killed eight people, including “five racists.” It harks back to that of Colin Ferguson, who blew away six commuters on the Long Island Rail Road in 1993 and propped up his legal defense on the idea of black rage.

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