The Smearing Of “Uncle” Thomas

Photo credit: A.Currell (Creative Commons)

Over twenty years after being nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas still raises the ire of the Left.  No sooner did he finish his speech lamenting that society has grown more race conscious and too sensitive regarding racial identities, the liberal mentality he identified as being the source of such racism validated his point.

Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D- Montgomery) expressed his dislike for Clarence Thomas simply because “he’s married to a white woman.”  Holmes then “backtracked” his original statement, saying it was “misinterpreted,” Holmes “clarified” his position regarding Thomas, saying, “ I don’t like him at all because he’s an Uncle Tom.”

Glad that’s cleared up.

That Justice Thomas has been charged with being an “Uncle Tom,” a “sell out,” a “house slave,” and worse isn’t new.  Simply search Google and see what Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, Spike Lee, Julianne Malveaux, and many self-identified Democrat liberals have said in disparaging Justice Thomas.  But the denigration of Justice Thomas points to something more sinister and ugly.

Think about what Rep. Holmes said about Justice Thomas; what so-called “reverend” William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP recently said about Senator Tim Scott; what black Democrats and others have said about Lt. Col. Allen West; what the racial provocateurs on MSNBC has said about Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, and Herman Cain (herehere, and here); and what many other self-identifying liberals and progressives have said about the aforementioned… what does it represent?

These examples illuminate the continued emotional dysfunction of many blacks caused by perpetually embracing a racial identity that incorporates the silly, archaic, and destructive notion of black “authenticity.”  Blacks are the only group who willingly cannibalizes their own members for independent thinking and behavior that deviates from the accepted narrative.  Truly a self-defeating tribal mentality.

But it also illustrates that the only acceptable form of racism that’s encouraged and applauded is that against black conservatives. And it always originates from the left.  Always. Democrat racism is good; Republican or conservative racism is bad. This intentional double standard and narrative is used as an effective strategy to intimidate more blacks away from thinking for themselves and toward intellectual and political freedom.  In other words, keeping blacks in their place.

And blacks suffer as a result.

The life and achievements of Justice Clarence Thomas should be held as an example for all Americans to follow.  He transcended poverty; embraced the values of hard work, self-discipline, and determination, and reached the jurisprudential heights of the Supreme Court of The United States.  By all accounts, Justice Thomas is a decent and honorable man.

But none of that matters to those who only see “race.”

Photo credit: A.Currell (Creative Commons)


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  1. Whoever is keeping this garbage going needs to be arrested. This is wrong and is a conspiracy to bring down a good man and his wife. I am disgusted with whoever spreads this around and the media who does not stop it. Mr and Mrs Thomas are good Americans and deserve our respect. Stop the evil people who think this is their business. Media needs to do their job to not allow this to go any farther.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Does anyone expect something different from the liberal whites and dumb ass sambos.These man should be looked up to by the colored people as a role model for their children.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama, sharptongue, and jacksonasss, are racist charlatans. They wait like vultures for white on black crimes, but never talk out about the opposite crime, not even calling it a hate crime. They don’t even try to stop today’s black on black murders. They don’t talk about the inner-city gang violence and ever-increasing black unemployment (all time high under obama). Both conditions may be attributed at least in part to the disastrous Great Society programs of President Lyndon Johnson. Clarence Thomas said that affirmative action played no role in his life. Like MLK, Thomas believes that advantage and success in America should be functions of merit rather than race-based affirmative action. It’s a sinister threat to all liberals, but especially to blacks when a conservative “of color” escapes what should be the agreeable bondage of the Democrat plantation to become a nationally acclaimed success as a result of talent and work. After all, what would become of the race card should it ever be widely known that blacks can realize prosperity without it? What has been historically one of the left’s most potent weapons of intimidation might be lost! Clarence Thomas represents a menace to decades of liberal endeavor aimed at making blacks believe that securing generations of welfare and practicing indiscriminate reproduction are the only things to which members of their race may reasonably aspire. Nice people, liberals.  

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