The Simple Case For Obama’s Impeachment


The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors.

A very simple case can be made for the impeachment and trial of Barack Obama. He has committed a crime worthy of impeachment, one so simple and yet so obvious that no Democrat would dare defend his crime during a Senate Trial.  No liberal talking head or Hollywood celebrity could excuse it either.

It is a crime that he has been committing for so long that there is no one in our country who could excuse what he has done. But first, we need to ask ourselves what did the founders determine is a high crime. Because that will be the only argument the Democrats might use to save him from being convicted and removed from office.

Believe it or not, Andrew Johnson was impeached but not convicted of violating the Tenure in Office Act. It was written to prevent Johnson, a Democrat, from removing from his cabinet Republicans (particularly Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War) that Lincoln had put in his cabinet, and replacing them with Southern Democrats without the permission of the Senate. Andrew Johnson was impeached by the house, but he was not convicted and removed by the Senate. He was impeached for trying to remove Edwin Stanton and was almost convicted by one vote short of the two thirds majority required to remove a sitting president.

Andrew Johnson’s reasons for removing Stanton were very simple. Stanton, along with General Sherman and several black ministers, came up with a plan to give the freed slaves in the south “40 acres and a mule” to compensate them for their bondage; and Johnson fired him for trying to implement it.  Oddly enough, Johnson was the only senator from a seceded state, Tennessee, to remain in the Senate during the Civil War, and in a stroke of brilliance by Lincoln was chosen as his running mate on the “Grand Union” ticket because he was a Southern Democrat. The sole reason he was impeached and almost convicted was an act written by Congress to protect Lincoln’s Cabinet members from being removed and replaced with Democrats.

Most people don’t realize that Richard Nixon was never impeached; and yet when we think of impeachment of a sitting president, Nixon always comes to mind. Nixon quit rather than put the nation through the spectacle that the Watergate hearings had become. Nixon waited until he had effectively won the war in Vietnam and signed a peace treaty with the North Vietnamese before he did quit. But after he had left, the Democrats in Congress cut off all aid to South Vietnam and signaled to the North that they would allow no US troops to stop their invasion of the South, erasing Nixon’s legacy and condemning South Vietnam to communist oppression.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying before a Federal Grand Jury in a court case about his sexcapades with various women who sued him for sexual harassment. He escaped conviction and removal because of the actions of a young lawyer and senator from North Carolina by the name of John Edwards, who did the deposition of  Monica Lewinsky for the Senate’s trial. The irony of those actions would not be revealed until Edwards himself ran for President in 2008 against Barack Obama for the Democrat nomination.

Johnson was almost convicted of breaking a law specifically designed by Congress to prevent him from firing Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Nixon was almost impeached for attempting to bug the Democrat Party campaign offices in Washington and covering up his involvement, and Clinton was impeached for lying in court to a Federal grand Jury–but wasn’t convicted because a man with an equal sexual appetite convinced the Senate that everyone lies about sex. To remove Obama from office, what he has to have done has to be so egregious that none can condone it.

Lying about Libya isn’t going to do it. Breaking the War powers act in Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, and other places isn’t going to do it. Spying on millions of Americans without a warrant isn’t going to do it. But what will do it is a crime so simple and yet so massive none will challenge it.

Barack Obama has being using the Social Security number of a dead man. Every piece of paper he has had to put his Social Security number on is an act of fraud against the United States government because that number belongs to Harrison (Harry) Bounel, whose SSN is the one Obama has used his entire life. For whatever reason (and you can be the judge), in 2012, the Social Security Administration refused to identify Harry Bounel’s Social Security Number,  even though Mr. Bounel died in 1981 in Hawaii. The Social Security Administration sought to protect his privacy.

Even now, there is a court case trying to force  this issue into the spotlight and verify that Obama’s Social Security number belongs to someone else. If it succeeds, all hell will break loose; and Obama will have to explain why he has used someone else’s social security number his entire life. And, he could become the first president in our history removed from office through impeachment and conviction.


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  1. Robert Makin says:

    This is not new information. Why would it make any difference now when it has been ignored since this became public in 2009? Maybe Harrison Bounel is his real name, he's 123 years old and that's why he conceals all his records. No one cares enough to bother with enforcing constructional law anymore, not even The Supreme Court. Save your breath.

  2. [Nixon was ] "…impeached for attempting to bug the Democrat Party campaign offices in Washington and covering up his involvement…" – actually it was John Dean who master-minded the bugging – Nixon knew nothing about it until much later.

  3. OBomination's 'social security number' couldn't pass an E-Verify check !!!!
    He should be rounded up and deported along with the 30+ MILLION OTHER illegal scumbags who also cannot get past the E-Verify system…
    His Selective Service card is also fraudulent…forged…another FELONY…
    Everything about that usurper is fraudulent…
    …a poster boy for the beauty of birth control…

  4. Unless Obama murders someone in prime-time on live tv there's no way in hell the Democratic controlled Senate would Impeach him out of office.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Even if he was caught stabbing or shooting some conservative the press would say the victim kept jumping on the knife or ran in front of the bullet.

  5. It will never happen, all the judges love Obama….

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obrat is a spoiled narcissistic demanding disrespectful Islamic Extremist Muslim Socialist member of al Qaeda, with an overestimation of talent and ability and shirks responsibility if anything goes wrong. Since he is aiding and abetting our enemies, he is a traitor and should be hung for treason! But he can’t be charged with treason since he was born in Kenya!

  7. I don't and never will trust that lying idiot again

  8. I hope the idiot rating drops to zero I am sure it's almost there get that clown out the White House

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