The “Silent Generation” Could Shut Up Obama

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

Grandma and grandpa are not happy! They are sick of the mess the Occupy Wall Street-type brats have made of our country.

This is the conclusion to be drawn from a new Pew Research poll of Americans 66-to-83 years of age on our current political situation.

Referring to this group as the “Silent Generation,” Pew reports that they came of age in time to vote for Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, so they did not necessarily fall into the habit of reflexively voting for Roosevelt and the whole Democratic ticket. They had their flirtation with supporting Democrats such as Bill Clinton in the 1990s but didn’t like what it brought about. Since the 2000 election, these “Silents” have been voting at increasingly higher rates for Republicans.

When stacked up against other generations – Boomers, Gen Xers, and Milennials – Pew’s “Silent Generation” is markedly more “angry” at what has happened to the country they grew up in. Almost one-third of “Silents” blame government (in this case read Democrats) for their anger.

To the “Silent Generation,” the word “conservative” is not a “dirty” word as it might have been to them when they were 15 years old. More and more of them are comfortable self-identifying as conservatives and are eager to go to the polls to back up their change of position. They are increasingly more supportive of smaller government because their life experience tells them big government is the enemy of the America they want to see return.

In 2008 they were one of the only groups that supported John McCain and have not changed their opinion of Barack Obama. In poll after poll, the “Silents” disapprove of Obama more than any other group.

The really bad news for Obama is….

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  1. …and they'll be silent no more!…

  2. butterfly lady says:

    My family has voted Democrat, but I changed by registaring as a Republican 3 years ago when Obama became president!!! This man is slowly tearing our country apart! Taxing us to death and stealing our savings, he and his cohorts need to be punsished for being so dishonst! I do not believe a word this man says – in fact I hit the mute button when he is on TV – he has to go..the sooner the better! I am 73 years old and it scares me what he will do to my health concerns in the years to come…

    • I'll go you one better — I can't stand to hear or look at him; it's like looking at evil incarnate! My sister also changed from Democrat to Republican.

  3. Elsie E Connelly says:

    I will not be silent. Where I work, there are far too many liberals. It is a major university. I am not allowed to voice an opinion unless it agrees with all the liberals here.
    I have decided to file charges against the 3 people that have consistently treated me as an inferior, simply because I do not have a college degree and I am over 65. I will not go quietly and I will not surrender. My husband constantly tells me that I should not object to Obama, well enough has been said, that I will tell him for once and for all, that he either respects my opinion, or I will show him the door.

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