The Senator Who Stabbed Cruz In The Back

Conservative Republican Rep. Steve Stockman is squaring off against an establishment candidate in the upcoming Senate primary race in Texas. His reasons for hoping to unseat Sen. John Cornyn vary, though he told the Western Center for Journalism in a recent exclusive interview that his opponent’s reaction to the ObamaCare debate played a major role.

“There was an opportunity to support Ted Cruz in his fight against it,” Stockman said, “and it was called the closure vote and whether we should even bring it up.”

At first, he explained, Cornyn appeared to support the will of his constituents by signing onto a pledge of support for Cruz’s proposal. A short time later, though, “he removed his name, got two other senators to remove their name, and went about undermining the fight to stop ObamaCare,” Stockman added.

He called the breach “reprehensible,” asserting “it actually facilitated, helped Obama with the continuation of ObamaCare.”

For his part, Stockman said he will represent principled conservatism for the people of Texas if elected. That includes, he noted, a vigorous fight against the disastrous mandates included in the unpopular healthcare law.

“Since ObamaCare has been passed,” he explained, “more people now don’t have insurance than when it passed. It’s had the exact opposite of the intentions of the bill.”

Such inefficiency is to be expected when the federal government takes over any service. Unfortunately, Stockman said too many Republicans – including Cornyn – are standing by and allowing the left to amass even more power.

“Look back at this and see how he’s injected himself on the side of Obama and you have to stand up,” he said. “You have to do something.”

As of this writing, Cornyn’s office had not responded to requests for a response.

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  1. I vote in Texas; I will do all possible to VOTE the RINO cornyn OUT !!! Vote Stockman in the primary election.

  2. bobindallas says:

    Stockman belongs out on the range with his stock and piles of BS.

    • If I lived in TX, and from what I've been hearing, I'd vote for Stockman. It's possible hussein doesn't have anything on him — yet.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Stockman for president

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Cornyn wasn't the only senator who stabbed Cruz in the back.McCain was another one and I hope the good people of Arizona remember that just like all Texans should do.These are tyhe senators who make the term RINO's fitting.They all sound like fatty Chunky Schumer of NY.

  5. Cornyn needs to go……we need a true Constitutionalist and a man who will stand and fight for TEXANS. Cornyn is a liberal in rino clothing. He likes the dollars and just goes along to get along.

    Dwayne Stoval will stand up for Texans and for the Constitution. He is the best choice for Texas. Look at his web site.

    It is time to get the scum out ……Cornyn is a leach…he has to go.

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