The Schizophrenic Argument For Abortion

Michelle Obama SC The Schizophrenic Argument for Abortion

The latest in Obama stupidity involves a letter written by Michelle Obama, saying that abortion is a routine medical procedure. I let idiotic statements like this roll off my back.

You can’t debate morality with a liberal. It’s like throwing pearls to swine. You’re wasting your words.

People who have a sense of dignity and human compassion do not kill babies. Nazis killed babies. The Roman legions killed babies. The Communist Chinese killed babies.

The kind of people who advocate killing babies are the same kind of people who drop the family dog off at the shelter because the animal causes them an inconvenience. The fact that the Obamas had to dredge up a family dog to feed their public image speaks volumes to dog lovers. They don’t have to drag the poor thing to the gas chamber. They leave that dirty business up to shelter workers.

Remember the Stalinist diatribe “It Takes A Village?” Hillary was never around when the village decided to drown a baby in the river, or leave it to starve to death in a field. But when it comes to abortion, Hillary would insist that it’s the mother’s decision. How benevolent. You could almost confuse her with Mother Teresa.

It offends the liberal senses when an unborn child is murdered or suffers an accidental death, but they’re not the least offended by abortion clinics in their own neighborhoods. Reminds me of when Jewish children lay dying on the streets of Germany, while passersby stepped over them.

A good case in point is my husband’s co-worker from India. She’s a civil engineer. She came to work in tears, after doctors from her village in India axphixiated her sister’s newborn baby girl. Human rights advocates in India have been trying to eliminate the village mentality for quite a while. However, she couldn’t report a human rights violation to the authorities because she worried that the village would throw acid in her face when she went back home.

Let’s all chip in and send Michelle and the girls to India, for a good old fashioned dose of reality.

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  1. RacerJim says:

    For the first time in my adult life I hold POTUS & FLOTUS in absolute, complete, total and utter distain.

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