The Radical Intolerance Of Radical Gays

Fags 300x202 The Radical Intolerance of Radical Gays

Tolerance is a virtue. But to be a positive force in a nation, or a community, it must be applied universally, not selectively. Definitionally, it denotes not only forbearance of behavior, but of opinions that are disagreed with. Yet the degree of intolerance shown to those who oppose the radical homosexual agenda is immensely disturbing, especially coming from those who are such ardent advocates of toleration.

Those who oppose the leftist agenda are often subjected to threats, obscene anonymous phone calls, character assassination, and disturbing mischaracterizations in social media for having the courage to express their opinions.

A courageous couple, Ralph and Rochelle Lillig of Pocatello, ID, have felt the wrath and intolerance of the radical left. And what is the heinous injustice the Lilligs are guilty of? They have the chutzpah to suggest the citizens of their town exercise their right to vote on whether to accept a proposed “anti-discrimination” ordinance that criminalizes any perceived discrimination against homosexuals or transgenders. Encouraging democratic involvement is fundamental to the American tradition. The Lilligs should be lauded for advancing the notion that their community should actually have a direct voice in the laws the citizens are beholden to, rather than just leaving it in the hands of elected officials, some of whom have proven susceptible to coercive pressure from a small yet vocal minority.

There is a local group that calls itself 2Great4Hate, which is supporting the ordinance. They are exercising their freedom of speech to advance their agenda. They are not being vilified for doing so. So why do they display such intolerance to the Lilligs for exercising their freedom of speech? It would appear that the left’s version of tolerance is very selective and exclusive. I was unceremoniously ostracized from their Facebook group because I failed to comport with their selective concept of “tolerance.” Apparently it’s not enough to simply oppose any form of discrimination, but one must accept the entirety of their narrow, codified version of it, regardless of the unintended consequences.

The left’s version of tolerance obviously excludes social conservatives who have the temerity to support the nuclear family, and broad exercise of freedom of speech. This was made painfully clear by their reaction to Chik-Fil-A last year when the company CEO revealed they were supportive of the traditional nuclear family. The left’s reaction evidenced a selective tolerance disorder, where it’s not enough to merely advocate treating others the way you want to be treated, but you have to buy into their precise agenda of forced acceptance of aberrance, deviancy, and codified enforcement.

As a principle, and a characteristic to be aspired, tolerance is antithetical to ideological conformity. If tolerance is publicly demanded of behavioral and ideological aberrance, it should likewise be extended toward people of contrarian values. Freedom of speech and expression should be absolutes for all citizens and groups, not proscribed for those who believe differently. Applying a common aphorism, if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander.

It’s disconcerting when the primary means of advancing a particular agenda is verbal guerilla warfare of intimidation and personal attacks against those who have the audacity to disagree with them. It smacks of a fascistic tyranny of the minority by attempted intimidation of nonconformists.

I was critical of Attorney General Eric Holder when he claimed that we’re a “nation of cowards” for not addressing racial issues to his liking. But it’s no wonder we’re becoming a nation of cowards, since whenever someone has the courage to exercise their First Amendment rights of free speech and it doesn’t conform with the left, they get vilified and publicly excoriated. That doesn’t seem very “tolerant” to me.

Christopher Hitchens, the secularist and author of “God is not Great” said in a New York Post interview, “More and more I find that those people are the real enemy intellectually. There’s no dishonesty like liberal dishonesty, just like there’s no intolerance like liberal intolerance. There’s nothing they won’t excuse and no excuse they won’t deploy. Their piety is a big aspect of that.”

The ultimate hypocrisy is to claim adherence to a standard of behavior yet fail to hold oneself accountable to that standard. If tolerance is a noble virtue to which our society must aspire, it must be applied universally, not just demanded of those who believe differently by those who have so little to spare. The bigotry and churlish behavior exhibited by the left on these kinds of issues should be sufficient to give any sentient person cause to spurn not only their conduct, but their agenda.

Tolerance is “the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.” It doesn’t mean we have to agree, but it does require civility and mutual respect, in spite of perceived differences. It’s a worthy virtue to aspire to collectively as a society. But to have any collective efficacy, it must be applied universally, not selectively.

Award winning columnist Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, Idaho and is a graduate of Idaho State University with degrees in Political Science and History and former member of the Idaho State Journal Editorial Board.  He can be reached at

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  1. A Message From Jack Chick
    Issue Date: July/August 2013
    Dear ones in Christ,

    The homosexuals never give up. Their cry is still: “We’re here, we’re queer and we’re coming after your children.” They also declare, “We’re born this way!” which is a lie out of hell, put out to guilt-induce us into feeling sorry for them, giving them an edge.

    But their agenda is fierce, powerful, and effective. Politicians fear their push for gay rights. Their screaming, cursing demands never stop. Their influence comes through the media using gays in comedy -which helps open the door for them. And it has paid off big time. Laws have been passed making them victims of hate crimes. Pastors are in danger if they preach against them. The louder they yell, the more their opposition backs down into the shadows.

    Last week a black basketball player came out of the closet. The gays and the media loved it as thousands cheered. The gay agenda in California schools starting with the first grade is paying off for them and giving us a gay world.

    The word of God is rejected by governments worldwide. Gay power has been embraced by nearly all -even pushed by the UN. Is the U.S. involved? She’s as guilty as the rest and will face God’s wrath for her crimes.

    We’ve prayed and asked God for a story to hit both Satan and the gay lies, and He gave us the tract, Uninvited, which we released two years ago. I expected a roar from the sodomites: phone calls, curses, but what did we hear? Nothing! Not even a peep.

    They were afraid to draw attention to it! God gave us the weapon we needed.
    They weren’t born gay. Satan gave them a homosexual demon when they were sexually abused. Who was the offender? A relative? Only the Lord knows. Gays seem to sense something dark is inside them. There is, and it’s got control of them.

    All young people face this demon. The schools pressure them to think it’s alright so they go with the crowd. But to show your love and concern we need to offer them a copy ofUninvited. Young people will realize the gay lifestyle is demonic and only the Lord Jesus Christ can set them free.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Jack Chick

  2. Societies that reject ‘absolute monogamy’ (one-man, one-woman) bring about their own demise.

  3. Warning: Disney 'Magic' Toxic to Children
    Issue Date: January/February 2011

    One by one, sources of family-friendly entertainment and education are sinking into the mire. For half a century, families have relied on the wholesomeness and exquisite fun produced by the company started in a garage by Walt and Roy Disney. The magic of their kingdoms employ 140,000 people worldwide. But surely Walt would be horrified to see how their kingdom has been converted into a major glamorizer of sin; a key corruptor of "good manners" in our culture.

    A dozen years ago a relative of mine worked at an auto dealer near the Disneyland in California. One day he told me of his concern that many of the Disney executives who came for auto service appeared "gay." Today, those leaders have succeeded in including sodomite themes in many of their movies, TV programs, advertising, and even video games.

    Along with promoting this abomination, productions are also rife with violence, nudity, and profanity. Each year in June, Disney theme parks host "Gay Day" attended by an estimated 130,000 homosexuals.

    The web site,, provides a huge list of Disney productions and activities highly toxic to family values. Subsidiaries such as Miramax Films, Marvel Studios, ABC Studios, Touchstone Video Games, Hyperion Publishers, and others produce a variety of material containing everything from sodomite themes to witchcraft.

    The corporate culture includes an organization called Walt Disney World PRIDE, and "Officially recognizes GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual) employee groups and/or special networks designed especially for GLBT employees," according to In recruiting employees, Disney scores 100% favorable to homosexuals on "Corporate Equality Indexes" maintained by homosexual advocacy organizations such as the 750,000-member Human Rights Campaign. (HRC).

    Disney's charitable giving supports organizations such as Planned Parenthood, largest U.S. abortion provider. Disney advertising dollars support TV shows that contain sexually graphic, violent or profane materials. Disney ads also appear in magazines and periodicals written for the homosexual community.

    Today, Satan is using every possible avenue to corrupt our children. The culture once supported parents in bringing up youngsters as decent citizens. Sin was frowned on by neighbors, relatives, teachers and coworkers. Today, it is hard to tell who the enemy is. Entertainers ran out of clean fun and resorted to smut and violence. Neighborhoods fragmented, some families trying to hold the line on decency while others proudly display their debauchery.

    Schools have been forced to switch from biblical precepts to the lies of evolution, human potential, and tolerance for all kinds of weird ideas. Even churches seem confused at what to do: go with the flow or teach the whole Bible. But when you have different bibles that don't agree, the confusion compounds.

    Even the government is little help with the current debate of who really "owns" the children, the state or the parents. Child Protective Services are always ready to "help" any parents who they think might need it.

    Since families cannot opt out of the culture, strategies must be developed to help children identify and resist the evil. First should be a good foundation in what God thinks about all this, which can only come by a thorough knowledge of a Bible they know they can trust. Then, parents must maintain constant contact with the child's world, helping him learn to sort the good from the evil.

    Carefully selected study aids go a long way to accomplish this goal. Chick Publications has spent nearly 50 years creating engaging stories with solid biblical themes.

    Two generations of children have grown up on Chick tracts and literature, prompting thousands of opportunities for dinner table discussions of God's prescribed way of life. Guiding your children through today's cultural mine fields will require a lot more attention than previous families have had to do.

  4. Is this really what you spend your time writing about? No one is forcing anything on you, if you don't like what gay people have to say, then… don't listen. The CEO of Chik-Fil-A was ridiculed in a similar way to George Wallace, where we say "sure, you have a right to your views… but when your views mean that people will be treated as less than human individuals, there is a real necessity to react and exercise OUR first amendment rights." I think this whole field of people is unbelievable paranoid and your arguments make no sense… where were the "impeach Bush" folks when 9/11 was perpetrated under dubious (to put it lightly…) circumstances and the "Patriot" act commenced to take our liberties away? Obama has done nothing even half as bad as the administration before him, and my only complaints of him are the continuance of Bush-era policies. If Bush and Cheney were black, I bet you would have acted differently. Just saying.

    • No, you are NOT "just saying". That's the same kind of race baiting as perpetuated by the administration itself. Get off it, already. By continuing to insist it's about race, you are dehumanizing people based on the tone of their skin, placing more value in that rather than the content of their character. We are all part of the same race: Human. If you think Obama isn't half as bad as Bush, you haven't been paying attention. Let me guess, you only listen to Obama's speeches and take him at his word? If you think there were no "Impeach Bush" people around, you weren't paying close attention on that either. If you think "no one is forcing anything on you", you haven't been paying close attention. Looks to me like you've gone through these past several years with your ears plugged and your eyes covered, only unblocking them both when something agreeable comes along. You want my advice? Relearn history, do your research, and pay attention.

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