The Price Of Indifference…

photo The Price Of Indifference...

When the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, paving the way for the triumphal entry of Barack Obama, a shiver ran down the spines of conservatives across the country. For six years, Democrats had perfected the politics of personal attack, demonizing Bush and Republicans daily, relying on misrepresentations damaging to the country.  A complicit media was glad to assist, and too many voters succumbed to the seductive voice of the serpent.

Leading up to the 2008 election, many voices warned that it would be a serious mistake putting an unknown and unqualified individual in the White House.  Many others pointed out his radical background, his questionable connections to violent radicalism, and his glaring anti-Americanism. These prophetic voices were marginalized with charges of racism; and again, the media cooperated with a global effort to herald a new deliverer.  The Chicago machine had become an international juggernaut funded by foreigners.

After the election came the blitzkrieg: czars, expanded bureaucracy, legislative snowstorms, executive orders, insane spending, etc. In short, radicalization on every front, hope and change turning to fundamental transformation, with the Constitution and economic freedom squarely in the crosshairs.

Enemies of the state were identified, pressed, squeezed, and isolated for ridicule.  The first to feel the full brunt of the Thug Brigade: Sarah Palin.  When the Tea Party hit the streets in 2009 calling only for financial responsibility in government and respect for the Constitution, the Thug Brigade was deployed with the help of the MSM, attacking viciously again with accusations of racism.

The net result: deeping divisions, rancor, economic devastation—all the tools of Marxists for 100 years used to demoralize and conquer from within.

Had it not been for alternative media like Fox, talk radio, conservative publications, and a growing army of citizen activists online, the juggernaut would have entirely overwhelmed traditional Americanism.  As it was, alternative voices were not enough to overcome the juggernaut in 2012, although retaining the House in 2010 (thanks to the Tea Party) at least demonstrated the Founders’ wisdom in installing a system of checks to thwart the ambitions of tyrants.

And now what was predicted is coming true: when you elect corrupt incompetence, (surprise!) you get corruption and incompetence.  The short list of scandals is sufficient to end this nightmare via resignation or impeachment, assuming Republicans don’t fumble the ball: Benghazi, SEAL Team Six, IRS, AP, Fast & Furious, Boston Bombing, EPA, election fraud, Obama’s records, corruption in DOJ, and ObamaCare.  (Did we mention bankruptcy, collapse of the dollar, and escalations by enemies abroad and at home?  Stay tuned.)

Matters have so deteriorated that even the MSM has started seeing the light; and some Democrats have entered the CYA zone, fearing voter reprisals in 2014.

It is now up to public officials, patriots, and alternative media to keep the issues on the table and proceed with formal, criminal investigations, following evidence wherever it leads, even if it leads into the Oval Office.  As Marco Rubio pointed out recently, at the very least, this President has created an atmosphere encouraging IRS criminality; and according to Obama’s own words, he is responsible.  When your ‘leadership’ is nothing more than a revenge campaign, it is no wonder chaos ensues.

Finally, it is hoped that citizens will learn the central lesson here, articulated by Plato 2,400 years ago:

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

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