“The Polls” Show GOP Will Be Destroyed If They Defund Obamacare

Polls chart SC1 “The polls” show GOP will be destroyed if they defund Obamacare

Remember the terrible shooting and killing at the Washington Navy Yard? That was what, two weeks ago? Yet it has been deeply buried by the same people who enable Barack Obama and his Party to lie to us with impunity. We don’t hear much talk about the shooter using a Muslim name on his internet social media account, do we?

Remember the smug predictions from Chuck “Uncle Democrat” Schumer that amnesty would sail through the Republican House because he “knew” so many Republicans were just itching to vote away the life of America and their Party? We don’t hear much talk like that these days, do we?

How about the endless promises that Obamacare would “allow you to keep you doctor if you like him/her” and that “Obamacare will decrease the cost of healthcare”? CRICKETS.

Those who have watched the media for the past six years know it lies and rarely tells us the truth about what goes on in Washington. Many in our state capitals have learned to distrust them.

The latest affirmation of this certain knowledge that the media lies comes in the reporting of the Islamist murder spree in the Kenyan mall.

In spite of the blindingly obvious fact that al Qeada and aligned Muslim groups ran through the mall determining who should live and who should die, based solely on whether they were Muslims or not, a study reveals that the media refused to use the words “Islamist terrorist” in their headlines.

The media wordsmiths have created handy euphemisms to avoid mentioning “Islamic terrorist” even halfway around the world.

To avoid reminding people that they helped Obama lie about “having al Qaeda on the run,” we are now insulted with words and phrases like “militants,” “extremists,” and “terrorist attack by armed militants.” In other words, anything but the truth. The media doesn’t like the truth.

Now this same bunch wants us to believe that the Republican Party is running headlong toward suicide because of the efforts of some of its members. Do we trust them? Or do we trust what we can see and hear?

Who has America’s best interests at heart? Ted Cruz, or Mitch McConnell?

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    With most people complaining about Obuttholecare why would the public take it out on republicans if the Sand monkey and democraps shut down the government.When your bills come due send them to the Sand Monkey and Chunky Schumer or Turban Durbin

    • The reason most people would take it out on Republicans if the Sand Monkey and his fellow Demoncrap minions shut down the government is because, as of right now, the media, FOX included for the most part, haven't taken the Sand Monkey and his fellow Democrap minions to task on their "I will not negotiate" tyrannical ideology.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Your right Racerno one in the media will blame the Sand Monkey for not negotiate with republicans .It's his way or the highway.Even republicans can only blame Cruz who is doing what the real people want him to do.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Liberal polls tell the uninformed voters that defunding will hurt the Republicans, so they will change their votes, but defunding will actually blame the democrats for shutting down the government. It will be up to Reidiculous and Obloviate to force the vote on shutdown. Defunding the law is the only legislative mechanism available to House Republicans to save the American people from this unfolding disaster. After that fails, Reidiculous will try to fund it with just a 51 majority vote. Then Boehner will force a Watergate-style committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack and cover-up. Such a probe will greatly fear Obama and his allies because of all his ties to al Qaeda!!!

  3. the american public is uneducated and dosent deserve freedom, the kids are morons for the most part and anytime you give them anything you are their hero, even though the kids will pay dearly for affordable care act- i refuse to call it obamacare- until we educate the white kids the democrats will continue to win every election, the blacks voted for this dip-hit at a rate of 94% so its useless to talk with them, thats the way i see it and history will back this up , VOTE IN 2014 RAND PAUL !!!!!!!

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