The Plagues Obamacare Will Bring Us Come Jan. 1

Obama Obamacare Obamalaw SC The plagues Obamacare will bring us Come Jan. 1

Those who are “whooping it up” over Barack Obama and his Party’s victory won’t care about this list of taxes and other plagues that will be forced on us by Obamacare come next January. Some are blissfully ignorant of what is coming, others have always been content to be serfs, and still others know all this and don’t give a damn – they like hanging out and drinking beer in the park.  Nevertheless, those who voted for Barack Obama who still work and have a real life have big surprises coming their way.

The most serious plague of re-electing Barack Obama is that it has put into peril the spiritual life of his Christian and Orthodox Jewish supporters.  Someday, they will be called upon to explain their support for those who desecrate God’s laws.

Obamacare will force faith-based medical facilities to close or commit abortions.  Obama’s voters have opted for a free phone and a loaf of cheese rather than standing tall for the laws of God.

On a secular and immediately tangible level, Obamacare does not make anything about healthcare free for anyone for very long. The few years of false “healthcare prosperity” that we’ll see in the short run will eventually give way to a harsh new reality.

Less than two months from now, the threshold after which medical expenses are deductible will rise from 7.5% to 10%. This will be a very serious problem for many people – some who voted for Obama and don’t know it.

There are 24 million Americans who have Flexible Spending Accounts; and doubtlessly, many voted for Obama. In less than two months, a new federally-imposed $2,500 annual cap will take the place of the current $5,000. With the price of a set of braces at about $5,000 or more, the applicable medical bills of middle class families will quickly surpass $2,500. It will be bad enough that Susie can’t get her overbite fixed; but when her developmentally-challenged brother Billy needs to go to a special private school their parents must pay for, Billy will be warehoused in a city school with 15 other kids. When this happens, his parents who supported Obama will have to watch him regress.

Do things like this make a difference? Ask the 13.5 million Americans whose Health Savings Accounts already keep them from purchasing over-the-counter medicines with pre-tax income.

To pay for Obamacare, in less than two months, the capital gains tax goes from 15% to 20% with a surtax pushing it to 23.8%;  and the top dividend rate zooms from 15% to 39.6% (and its surtax level moves its effective cost to 43.4%.)

Many of those who will be destroyed by these new taxes voted for Obama. Nevertheless, the rest of us will suffer right along with them. Those who believe that the investor class will continue to invest under these circumstances are simply naïve. When the last of them are bled white or have left the country, the curtain comes down on America.

Did John Roberts stab America’s middle class in the back? You bet he did.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. i hope it affects all those who put evil in power the most. you asked for it , you got it. and have no idea what you have lost.

    • Linda From NY says:

      I hope so too, that affects them more then the rest of us. because of these people, now they want all of us to pay for their stupidity.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    "The most serious plague of re-electing Barack Obama is that it has put into peril the spiritual life of his Christian and Orthodox Jewish supporters. Someday, they will be called upon to explain their support for those who desecrate God’s laws."
    I disagree with this statement and that of faith based facilities. Jewish and Catholics voted OVERWHELMINGLY for oblameo.
    You reap what you sow.
    The Jews don't seem to want to stand for Israel, I wonder if I should any longer.

  4. A very large number of Obama supporters pay no income taxes and have no investments. They live off the government. It probably won't affect them very much. They will probably realize at some point that with the rise in prices, their food stamps won't go as far. It is you and I who plan for the future that will really get the pain of this administration. Yes, I'm a bad loser. I hate seeing my country destroyed by these fools, and I dare any of them to complain to me.

    • Linda From NYC says:

      Hi Ariviste,

      those losers that think this won't affect them, are wrong, because this obama healthcare has the death panel and the government decides if or what medication to give them or not give. The elderly and the very young are in danger, and people will died waiting for the government to respond. If this government can't come up with a budjet, what makes them think they have the right to make decisions on the lives of the citizens. NOT GOOD

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