The “Phony” Scandal That Just Won’t Go Away

Benghazi MIA Obama Hillary SC The “Phony” Scandal That Just Won’t Go Away

In a speech before a group of low information acolytes, Mr. Obama chastised Republicans for their “parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals”. The IRS, NSA, Fast and furious, press intimidation, and that really, really pesky scandal that will not go away: the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. Mr. Obama, his Democrat toadies, and especially Hillary Clinton don’t want the truth of the Benghazi affair to see the light of day. Before the dust could settle on the coffins of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others killed on that day, the State Department had forced attack survivors to sign non-disclosure agreements. People died in an event that Mr. Obama considers to be a “phony scandal.”

David Ubben

Fighting beside former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, Diplomatic Security agent David Ubben was one of the wounded to survive the Benghazi attacks. Mr. Ubben risked his life in an attempt to save Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, only to discover that Smith had died of smoke inhalation at his post. Mr. Ubben was wounded in the firefight with pro al-Qaeda militants, during which the SEALs lost their lives. In a rare moment of gutsy journalism that Holders’ DOJ couldn’t stop, Fox News found David Ubben recovering from his wounds at the Walter Reed Medical center. He has undergone several surgeries to save his leg. To the families of the Benghazi victims, David Ubben is a hero.


Not surprisingly, efforts by congressional investigators to interview Mr. Ubben have been rebuffed by Mr. Obama’s State Department. And after the Fox News interview, I have to doubt the sincerity of House Republicans in their efforts to launch an investigation. The American people aren’t buying the bull being distributed by this White House and the apparatchiks of the lame stream media.  A hero is speaking to the press, and all our Republican politicos can do is write letters and complain. At this rate, Hillary Clinton will be elected President without any meaningful competition.

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