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Americans are being systematically targeted and murdered by the Obama Administration on suspicions alone and without respect to Due Process of Law. There is no trial by jury and no appeal, just an execution that is carried out by agents of the US Government on orders of the President.

An “extrajudicial killing” is defined as the killing of a person by government authorities without any judicial proceedings or sanctioned legal process. It is by definition unlawful, as it bypasses the Due Process of Law in the jurisdiction in which it is carried out in.

When President Obama ordered the deaths of Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan for suspected terrorist activities, he conspired in the unlawful murder of American Citizens. These men, both Americans, were summarily executed along with others without any respect for the Law.

There is no question that Barack Obama conspired to commit the murders of Americans. Not only has he admitted his role in the deaths of these Americans, he has defended his participation in these unlawful acts against these Americans, deeming them a threat to the United States.

All Americans are at risk of “extrajudicial killing” if and when they are deemed a threat to the United States. Any citizen of this country may be put to death without Due Process of Law upon orders of Barack Obama.

To protect Americans from wanton murder at the hands of government agents , the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith, must propose a Resolution calling for the Judiciary Committee to begin a formal inquiry into the issue of impeaching Barack Obama for the crime of murder.

This is the only way for our elected officials to prove that no one is above the Rule of Law.


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  1. Liberty49 says:

    For the murder of our Ambassador and his assistant and two Navy Seals, and the resulting cover-up, Obama must be impeached whether he wins re-election or not!

  2. Angelicsweep says:

    obama needs to look in the mirror, HE is a threat to the United States of America!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      He is such an egoist he would like what he saw. He is totally blind to what he really is. A n anti-GOD, anti-America, Muslim.

  3. Ihatelibs says:

    Impeachment would probably be the preferred outcome rather to a bullet in the head.

  4. He was never properly vetted and should never have been allowed to run for office because, not only does he lack experience in all the capacities of the office, but he has never presented an original birth certificate, and his SS# is that of someone else. Republicans will never try to impeach him because he is the first black president, and they are afraid that blacks all over the country would riot. We are witnessing the overall failures of his presidency for the last four years; not only in the economy, with a 17 trillion dollar debt, and unemployment remaining at at an all time high 7.9%. His irresponsible foreign policies has caused a revolution in the middle east, that has brought about the death of long time leaders, some were our allies. The muslim brotherhood is now taking over the middle east and all the efforts our troops have made to democratize the region is now in shambles. And now we have four dead Americans and one of our embassies destroyed, because the president wouldn't send the help that was requested. The last four years have been a total failure. We must have a change in leadership now or the U.S. will soon be history!

  5. (just do it Impeach obumer Now) save America WHATS LEFT OF AMERICA THAT OBUMER HAS NOT GAVE AWAY… If color was a facter and Obama was more WHITE he would been gone in the first or Heaven forbid Second year…
    Hey GOT To Give him Credit… He Obumer(obama) Loves to spend money…… THATS NOT HIS…. or he Does not have to pay back

  6. He is not going down without lies and fights; we must stay steadfast to our principles and believes.

  7. He is not going down without lies and fights

  8. I'm happy to see that someone else calls him OBUMER because that is what he is. But future Pres. Romney would be wise to say something about the Libyan murders and say that's ok Obuma you won't talk. I'll let the public kn ow the truth when I take office. It will make everyone happy

  9. How many times have we got to tell you? You cannot impeach someone who is not legal to be president!!!

    YOU ARREST THEM. Why do you think we are having so much trouble with the negro and his slave handlers?

  10. Shirley Walton says:

    Obama should not be allowed to run for office of the Presidency as he does not fit the requirements outlined in the Constitution. Why are all the Congressmen/women such a bunch of cowards that they will not uphold the constitution and boot him out. He is a criminal–a liar–and a murderer, He should have been impeached long ago for the many crimes he has committed.. His many crimes are worse than Watergate and he should have never been left in this long.

    • Shirley B. says:

      Shirley, if you researched it you will find that all of our governent agencies have been infiltrated by muslims. Yes they are in every branch of our government!! Go to the web site This Guy has a video I think you can view it online or youtube, FREEDOM OR SURRENDER. It is well worth the time spent watching it. Tells alot about Obama and the lies he spews from his mouth.

    • detroitheat says:

      When Congress Doesn't do their job, and put a stop to Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate the U.S. Government and run amuck,stepping all over the U.S.of A. constitution (witch it has) then it`s time for WE THE PEOPLE AS A mulisha to put our Government back in it place and take our Country back.

    • I knew about 5 years ago that Obammy was not a Christian, he was a dangerous person & I had such a strong impression about him not being the person he was supposed to be. I did a lot of studying & looking up anything I could on the internet & thru the Fox News. He is a Far-Left Socialist, communism, Islam, Radical Muslim, Terrorist & a murderer. One of the most prolific liers of all time for a president. He has dishonored the most precious office in our NATION. I have signed many petitions to impeached him. With the Sandy hurricane in the Eastern States, he wasn't there doing his job, he was there for a photo-opt. That is for getting VOTES. He doesn't give a hoot about all oif us, just our VOTES. I will vote for Romney. A person with honor, respect for our nation, & HE IS FOR PEOPLE OF AMERICA. Obammy wants to finish doing away with our Constitution & putting in SOCIALISM. The only people who will work is the UNION people. iF Obammy wins, this nation will not be the same in 4 years. People will be more divided then ever before. You won't have your guns or FREEDOM. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA

  11. Arrest, trial, hanged for high treason, period! Or, life imprisonment
    at Gitmo??

  12. I think Obama should to run out of office by Impeach him now he is a crook of the worse kind he is not an American!!!!

  13. Where the he'll is our Senate, cowering behind this traitor.
    NOW, there has been TREASON in our WHite house, agai. Where the he'll is CONGRESS?
    Feinstein, stop being a democrat…. Be an AMERICAN!!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Tomtom I,ve been trying to get a answer from Dingy Harry but he don't answer emails.But you got to remember he pulls that executive bullshit on the other branches of govenment

  14. Linda from NYC says:

    We all here know obama is a fraud, and no one in congress stops him. What is wrong with congress, Impeach this SOB!!!! enough is enough, how much proof do these idiots need? are they going to wait for obama to crash the economy with his reckless spending and more Americans dead?

    • republicans control the House of Reps. democrats control the Senate which has More power than the House.. and the Senate is all for bo……..

  15. Edwardkoziol says:

    I've signed Floydds petition and would sign anybodys petition to rid the US of this bum.

  16. IF you've read your Constitution, you know it takes just a simple majority vote in House to impeach OWEbama, The BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI, who ABANDONED 30 Americans to be MURDERED BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS–saved only by the heroic, patriotic American Seals Ty Woods and Glen Doherty who IGNORED orders by superiors to "stand down". Once the motion for impeachment is proposed and necessary MAJORITY VOTE passes impeachment, it then takes a 2/3 SENATE MAJORITY to CONVICT! DemocRATS would have to join GOP Senators in voting for impeachment conviction–with Reid and DemocRATS holding a majority of seats–IT WOULD NOT PASS! WE THE PEOPLE CAN IMPEACH HIM ON NOVEMBER 6!!—-SHOW UP AND IMPEACH OWEbama AT THE BALLOT BOX–THEN DEMAND CHARGES BE BROUGHT AGAINST HIM BY GOP CONTROLLED CONGRESS!!

  17. “high treason”…
    THE best way it has been said.

  18. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    even though Anwar al Awlaki and Samir Khan were both americans they both lost their rights of due process as soon as they went down the path of JIHAD. as far as i'm conceerned the fools in Gitmo deserve the same fate. They may not be Americans they are on the path of JIHAD and do not deserve respect

  19. disgusted says:

    oh hell. Those useless bastards in congress are afraid of their own shadows. They are so useless that they wouldn’t even make good fertilizer. The entire place needs cleaned out, and new ones sent in with the message “either do your jobs properly, or we will throw your sorry asses out too”. As far as this INSULTING PEICE OF INFECTION GOES, HE DOES INDEED NEED TO BE HUNG FROM THE HIGHEST POLE IN THE NATION AND ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! So that EVERYONE knows what happens to THE ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Be they TRAITOR OR ENEMY, HANGING IS THE ONLY PUNISHMENT SUITABLE FOR SUCH FILTH AND GARBAGE! And, then every SINGLE PEICE OF MU SLIME SHIT NEEDS TO BE EITHER EVICTED FROM THIS COUNTRY, OR GIVEN THE SAME JUST DESSERTS, HANGING UNTIL DEAD! They are THE ENEMY OF OUR NATION, and ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BELEIVE OTHERWISE IS A FOOL, and WILL PAY THE SAME CONSEQUENSES THAT THOSE WHO KNOW THE ENEMY WHEN THEY SEE THEM, AND CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE, KILLERS, MURDERERS, ANTIAMERICAN INVADERS WITH THE SOLE INTENTION OF THE DOWNFALL AND DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HER CITIZENS! Rememeber, REMEMBER that we are ALL THE INFIDEL, AND IT IS THE DUTY OF ANY “GOOD MU SLIME” TO “KILL THE INFIDEL, WHERE EVER YOU FIND HIM”!!!!!! This bunch of murdering bastards should NEVER have been ALLOWED INTO OUR COUNTRY, AND NOW THAT WE HAVE THEM HERE, WE NEED TO FIND A WAY TO GET THEM OUT, RID OUR NATION OF SUCH SATANIC BEINGS AS MU SLIMES!!!!!! Their ways are death, destruction and MURDER! As we witnessed on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001! If we had not forgotten that day as we surely did, then we would not now have one of their kind sitting right smack in our nation’s capitol, going about, murdering whom he pleases, and apologizing for our nation, and destroying us, FROM THE INSIDE OUT! This is what is happening, and it is way, way, WAY past time that we put a stop to it, a cold, dead stop! In it’s tracks before it utterly destroys what is left of our country and our freedom as American Citizens. Because, make no mistake, this is what the MU SLIME in office has planned for every one of us! After we are destroyed, and you finally realize that this is true, by then it will be too late to stop it. The only other path we will have then is a revolution, or we sit down and accept the fact that we are no longer a free people, and we are being slaughtered by our enemies right in our own homes, and right in our own COUNTRY!!!! How many really want it to go this far?

  20. I would say that one big mistake that obama made in regards to al-Awlaki. was he should have tryed to capture him. I think he would have been a good source of information. with out alot of fight

  21. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Assuming Congress does not deem Oshamo's election unconstitutional on the basis of a fraudulent birth certificate, then impeachment for treason could be exacted and punishment by death — That is more acceptable to me as our courts have been bought off on the subject of a false birth certificate. High Treason charges carry to all elected officials who hold public office. One way or another, Oshamo shall be dealt with permanently. There will be civil unrest regardless of who may win this election. The real work has yet to begin and Hurricane Sandy is the opener..people are going to perish both with their lives and with their wallets. This administration would steal money from babies — and all of its policies effectively shall in effect, do this! Oshamo and the Bitch Oshamo don't give a rat's ass because they want revenge — revenge against nothing — their cause is a total fabrication and they are testing the Liberals to see how far they can push you over the edge..These are evil-incarnate beings and pray hard that the wrath of God deals with them mightily to the end..

  22. tea bagger says:

    Just one problem, Harry Reid. As long as the dems hold the senate, nothing is going to happen to their boy. So as one senator said, focus on the fights we can win.

  23. Conservative-in-PA says:

    Not just impeached… hanged for TREASON!

  24. Beside the point at this moment in time. The number one objective is to VOTE him out of office on Tuesday. He is a liar and the number one enemy of this country. He and Sec Clinton are attempting to place the U.S. under UN control with a new UN tax that would collect money to be given the third world dictators. Keep our country safe and free – VOTE for Romney-Ryan

  25. the preacher says:

    Impeach the criminal and traitor. Read my long true story:

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