If You Thought The Redskins Were Bad You Won’t Believe What This Sports Team Just Did

Photo Credit = Paul L Dineen (Flickr)

Weeks after the Obama administration stripped the Washington Redskins organization of its trademark due to allegations that the name is derogatory toward Native Americans, another major league team is taking steps to ensure none of its fans offend anyone.

According to CBS San Francisco, the city’s pro baseball team is banning game attendees from wearing anything it deems “culturally insensitive.”

The new move reportedly stems from a recent incident during the San Francisco Giants’ Native American Heritage Night. During the event, fans at AT&T Park began bickering about what type of attire is appropriate for non-tribal individuals to wear when honoring Native Americans.

The disagreement came to a boil when two Native American attendees confronted an apparently white man wearing a tribal headdress. Upset by the apparent cultural slight, the pair demanded he remove the offending attire.

Staci Slaughter, the team’s senior vice president, said the current effort to regulate what fans wear on the basis of political correctness is a result of that incident.

“We want to make sure that our fans are respectful of each other and the different backgrounds that everyone comes from,” she insisted.

While the specifics of this new policy are still being formalized, Slaughter said the next steps will include training team employees and informing Giants fans about the forthcoming regulations.

She concluded that, while the team is glad to have fans from various cultural backgrounds, it is imperative that everyone show respect for others while attending games.

Of course, plenty of critics feel the policy is yet another example of the nation’s over-sensitivity.

Photo credit: Paul L Dineen (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    One person doesn't like something bitches and we get crazy and want to change things. How many indians moaned about the head dress incident at Candlestick Park. These dumb ass indians are only looking for publicity,when they should worry about Obozo having the EPA take land from the Pine Ridge reservation. Looks like Obutthole wants to f–k the indians again.

    • Choctaw says:

      Hi Five! I agree…if they are truly Native Americans they are an embarrassment to the American Indian

  2. Choctaw says:

    I'm NOT offended if they want to wear a headdress or any other clothing ..and I AM American Indian…..and the so-called Native Americans that got their feathers ruffled..I doubt are truly American Indians…and probably are less than 1% if any…there are more important issues to look at…we have more pride than to jump into the boxing match without gloves..

  3. RacerJim says:

    A couple years ago the parents of a few Latino children got "HALLOWEEN" day cancelled at two middle schools in Rockville MD after they told the principles that Halloween was offensive to their heritage. A local newspaper ran a story about It and, come to find out, those parents and their children had been living here for five years as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    Native Americans at least have their heritage to stand on…ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS don't.

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