The Only Choice For Conservatives This Fall…

The conventional “wisdom” is that this year’s elections will see the Republicans gaining seats in the House and retaking the Senate. This is a lovely thought, but is nowhere near reality. The forces who will wage war to save the Democrats’ hold on the Senate and reduce, if not totally erase, the Republican margin in Congress are too formidable. It is time we recognized this fact.

We conservatives can win both chambers of Congress in a tough clean fair fight, but the 2014 elections will be nothing of the sort. We can beat a cabal of the RNC, DNC, Koch brothers, the media, the White House, and the Chamber of Commerce; but we can’t beat them when they add 30 million illegal aliens, who will be granted amnesty by John Boehner.

Over the history of our nation, we have suffered grievous defeats that left us reeling and gasping for air. At the Alamo, American forces fought well and hard, but were ultimately overwhelmed and slaughtered. Had the circumstances allowed a more even distribution of forces, we would have won; but we didn’t.

This year’s elections will be another Alamo. Conservatives (myself included) will fight like cornered tigers to save America. We will be laughed at and belittled by the Republican Party and its allies in the DNC and the Chamber of Commerce; but when the shock troops start pouring over the southern border, we will eventually end up with a government totally governed by Democrats who hate America.

If we lose, even if we go down fighting, phonies like Karl Rove and the rest of them will say the TEA party philosophy was the reason we lost our American freedoms as they laugh all the way to the bank.

We conservatives will certainly lose America if we stay home; but in so many districts, the Republican is barely more palatable than the Democrat – so what to do?  Each of us will have to follow his/her own heart and principles next November. All I can say is fight hard in your own way so you can look your children and grandchildren in the eyes when they ask what you did to try to revive and renew the old America.

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  1. Wiseoldlady says:


  2. I plan to vote OUT Democrats especially Schumer, he voted for this Obozocare and then had his azz exempt and other votes that goes against the Constitution. This Senator is very palsy walsy with that dirty little wrinkle up Reid and Nancy Pelosi the Dingbat. These people are nothing but thugs in suits and they must all go.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda I hope you can vote out New Yorks favorite idiot.Every time I see him with those dumb glasses on him I want to take them off and shove them up his ass.

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