The Obama Administration, Where Building a Stone Wall is Priority #1

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

Obama really isn’t very bright, even though he can show flashes of cleverness at times. His handling of the “Green” scams, particularly Solyndra has been clumsy and heavy handed at best. Consequently, unlike other slimy Democrats before him, Obama might not be able to dodge these bullets. Everyday this man who told us his would be the “most transparent” administration in history is being proved a liar.

An audit of Obama’s major agencies completed in 2009 found they granted themselves 50% more “free passes” by refusing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) then those claimed by the Bush administration during the year before.

Obviously we are getting nothing but evasion from this administration, not transparency, as Congress is finding out.

The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns has demanded e-mails sent and received on the president’s Blackberry.

Last Friday, the White House legal staff refused….

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  1. If they won't comply with the law, and since BO is considered by many to be comander and chief, it is a military matter, and the Provose Marshall needs to arrest all of them involved with non-compliance with the law.

    • broken "read more" link

    • I appreciate the point you're trying to make, BUT…… would really help if you used the CORRECT words with which to make that point.
      It is isn't "comander and chief" as you wrote, but COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF.
      Yes, it is a military matter. Therefore, the PROVOST Marshal might have jurisdiction, BUT, FIRST, a sitting federal judge must issue the appropriate warrant. Get an education. Or, maybe get out of Hollywood, moron.

      QUICK! What's the difference between these two words: "word" and "word"?
      The answer? Nothing, except they might both be spelled by you.
      The 1st word is "word". The 2nd word is "world" as you might probably spell it. It means that there is a "WORLD" of difference between it and "word".
      Sorry to appear picky, but my tolerance for "stoopid" ran out long ago.


  3. Really getting tired of the broken, not found links.

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