The New TSA: Your Facial Expression Could Get You Cavity-Searched

Justin Raimondo,

So, you’re sick and tired of being hassled by Transportation “Security” Administration (TSA) thugs, who fondle your “junk” and force 95-year-old grandmothers to take off their adult diapers?

Well, that’s tough – because it’s about to get worse.

Since 2006, the TSA has been developing a $1 billion program called “Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques” [.pdf] (SPOT) whose proponents – notably, one Rafi Ron, an Israeli airline security “expert” – claim it enables screeners to detect dangerous passengers via nonverbal signals, including facial expressions. The program is undergoing a test run, which began Tuesday at Boston’s Logan airport. So before you wrinkle your nose at that Epsilon-Minus Semi Moron rifling through your suitcase, please be aware that the “micro-expressions” you exhibit can and will be held against you.

As the TSA gropers assaulted Americans at airports, the outraged response of the public was taken up by some conservatives, who promptly declared that we need to organize our air safety campaign along Israeli lines – and now they’ve gotten their wish. Which just goes to underscore the old aphorism about being careful what you wish for.

Because what the Israelis do is pry and probe into every aspect of every airline passengers’ life: questions about their politics as well as their itinerary, about personal issues – you name it. Indeed, every passenger aboard the El Al state-owned Israeli airline is subjected to an extensive interrogation, but it’s hard to see how the relatively small-scale Israeli operation is going to be implemented in the US, which deals with multi-millions of airline passengers every day. The Boston Herald, however, gives us apreview:

Under the SPOT program, as passengers hand over their boarding passes and identification, specially trained agents will ask three to four questions — from ‘Where have you been?” to “Do you have a business card?” and “Where are you traveling?” — while looking for “micro expressions,” such as lack of eye contact, that might hint at nefarious intent.

“Suspicious individuals will be pulled aside for more questioning, full-body scans and pat-downs. If the encounter escalates, agents will call in state police.

If you fail to look that plug-ugly TSA moron in the face, and meet his beady-eyed gazehead on, you can look forward to a full-scale assault, which – don’t forget – could “escalate” if you bat an eyelid, in which case the Fullerton Police Department will be called in to do to you what they did to Kelly Thomas.

Oh, but don’t worry, folks….

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  1. They can kiss my ass.

  2. if you dont like the t s a, no one fly for a week,and they will kiss your ass instead of fondle it ,when their sorry job is at stake !

    • Yeh, that will work — lose your job because you feel "violated"? Who are you kidding? TALK TO ME! I will answser your questions, and you will see by my responses and demeanor that I am not part of the problem and no terrorist. We went through the airports (yes, more than one) in Israel faster than any I've been through in the U.S., and I live here! I love the U.S.; we need to take NO chances with airlines. We've already been violated more than once, and the threat will never go away as long as terrorists share the globe with us.

  3. ANTICRIME says:

    HOW FAR WE HAVE SUNK! ~ When I left the service back in 1964 I flew on two separate commercial Delta jet flights on the way home from Okinawa to Florida; the entire trip I had a Colt .357 Magnum revolver in my CARRY-ON bag along with a full box of ammo! ~ Those were the "good old days" when flying an airliner was the same as boarding a train or bus! ~ People back then normally pre-purchased their tickets for a flight or arrived at the airport 15 minutes before take-off to purchase their tickets….then they just walked on board and flew to their destinations! ~ GLAD I'm OLD and got to enjoy America at her BEST, especially the 1945-50's era! (continued)

    • ANTICRIME says:

      For those that are old enough to remember Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy…..he TRIED IN VAIN to WARN US OF COMMUNIST INFILTRATION within our government and media infrastructure, but the majority of the American population followed a Communist news giant of the day, Edward R. Murrow….who labeled him a "Witch-Hunter"! ~ Sadly, today many STILL believe that LIE, and are now "paying the piper" for their ignorance! ~ Double-sadly, the minority that knew McCarthy was RIGHT will go over the falls along with the mainstream FOOLS!!! ~ Hosea 4:6 "My people perish for their lack of knowledge"!

    • Profiling means the woman in full hijab and burka as well as the men in full garb would be investigated. Right now, Muslim women have a different set of rules (sanctioned by Sharia law — and if you think I'm kidding, LOOK IT UP!) by which they can be patted down or x-rayed. This is unacceptable. Israel has the right idea, and I hope we can learn from them. We are vulnerable — terrorists have vowed to see the rivers run red with the blood of the Zionists and the West. Take it seriously. Israel is good at it. We should also be.

  4. It works in Israel but it won't work here. They have highly trained personnel in Israel. The idiots working for TSA are incapable of digging a ditch or collecting garbage.

  5. We have flown El Al, visited a few Middle Eastern countries. We appreciated the extraordinary threat Israel lives with and were not insulted by being asked a few questions before boarding an El Al flight. Not only do they query their patrons, they also put an air marshal on every flight. The flight was uneventful, and we fully understood the airlines' reasons for their security. Have we Americans come to think we are immortal? I'm willing to answer questions — we have nothing to hide and everything to lose if we end up being hijacked or blown up mid-air. I'd rather be queried than to endure x-rays or other fluoroscopy every time I fly. It is not unreasonable, and I am grateful that the guy next to me is ALSO being queried.

  6. There is no way on earth that I would ever fly anywhere. I used to love to fly but I will not subject myself to harmful x-rays nor allow myself to be touched in an inappropriate manner. If I can't get there in an automobile I am not going. More people need to stop flying and let this government know why every time they make the choice not to fly. The airlines will feel it and believe me money talks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I will not fly again until the TSA is gotten rid of once and for all! The TSA can go to Hell!

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