The National Concealed Carry And Mass Murder Prevention Act Of 2013

gun4 The National Concealed Carry and Mass Murder Prevention Act of 2013

In response to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s soon to be introduced horribly restrictive, unconstitutional assault weapons ban that assaults the Second Amendment and the private property rights of law abiding citizens, this legislation is designed to provide the framework for a National Concealed Carry Permit to be issued to qualifying adults and allow the unrestricted carry of concealed arms that may otherwise be prohibited by federal, state and local laws. Such places include schools, universities, court houses, federal buildings, and airlines.

States, counties, and local governments regulate the concealed and open carry of firearms. The Federal Government has protected some places as firearms-restricted areas. This has restricted the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves and others. It has created gun-free zones that have become targets for terrorists, murderers, rapists, and robbers.

This act will supersede the local or state government’s authority to restrict the carrying of firearms and enhance the security of citizens within these areas and establish standards that go beyond the average citizens’ ability to carry concealed firearms. This act would create an armed citizen militia designed for the sole purpose of protecting the citizenry from heinous acts of violence.

Not everyone will be qualified or make the commitment to the process of obtaining a permit. The selection process should seek out the individual who has the mental ability and sound judgment to intercede in a situation where they may be called upon to take a human life in the defense of another. This is a significant point as most citizens carry firearms or seek concealed carry permits for their own protection and may be hesitant to intercede on behalf of another.

National organizations that have a demonstrated record of providing firearms training could be utilized to train or assist in the training of these citizens.

This legislation is intended to elicit thousands of volunteers who are trained and willing to use a firearm in defense of themselves and innocent victims on a national level.

This act encourages the states to pass “right to carry” legislation and continue to issue concealed carry permits for their citizens. Expansion of legal concealed carry rights and citizen militias within each state will further prevent crime and establish a safer society.

During natural disasters, emergency personnel and law enforcement can be quickly overwhelmed as efforts are maximized towards the disaster relief effort, leaving citizens to fend off looters, robbers, and rapists. An armed citizenry is usually the first and sometimes only line of defense.

The Federal Concealed Carry and Mass Murder Prevention Act of 2013

Purpose: Establish a means by which selected citizens could apply and receive federal authorization to carry a loaded concealed firearm on their person, for the explicit purposes of self protection and preventing terrorist activities and mass murder, allowing permit holders to carry concealed in places and institutions where firearms are generally prohibited, and promote the legal use of firearms and the safety of citizens.

Here is the framework of this legislation:

• The “Federal Agency” shall provide an application process and screening of citizens to include
o Background check
o Psychological testing
o Substance abuse

• The “Federal Agency” shall oversee a training program that includes
o Basic Firearm instruction
o Standard LE accuracy/evolution qualification with the firearm of choice
o Shoot-no-shoot qualification
o Re-certification of existing permit holders

• The “federal agency” shall appoint an office within each jurisdiction for the processing and administration of this program.

• The “Federal Agency” shall oversee the use of force and assemble shooting boards to examine and make determination whether use of force was justified.

• Minimum qualifications
o 25 years of age
o Psychological test
o Substance abuse test
o LE firearms use of force training
o LE shoot no shoot training
o Firearms qualification

• Permit holders will be required to submit data detailing when, where, and how often they carried concealed so as to direct recruitment efforts in geographic areas of the country with insufficient numbers of persons carrying concealed.

• Permit holders will immediately report any use of force.

• Permit holders will be held harmless from civil liability and criminal prosecution if the shooting review board determines that said permit holder acted in good faith and in accordance with use of force training and standards.

• Permit holders shall carry their permit on their person at all times when carrying a concealed firearm.

• Permit holders will bypass TSA screening at all airports and be recognized as sky marshal status aboard commercial aircraft.

• Each member of the military shall carry a side arm or long gun while in uniform.

• Each state shall develop a plan to train citizens in firearms responsibility and encourage the appropriate use of firearms for the purpose of self-defense.

• Permit holders can have their permits revoked at anytime.

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  1. I think this is a great Idea and would be good legislation

  2. It is a drastic improvement, however it is still a violation of the 2nd Amendment. The federal Government has NO AUTHORITY to implement ANY Restrictions or requirements. I am not sure whether I would support this or not. Like I said it is an improvement, but not good enough. The only acceptable solution is a complete reversal of all restrictions and a complete restoral of the 2nd Amendment as written by authors of our Constitution.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Dianne Feinshit should be hung by her nipples and beat like a pinata.she packs and she even confessed to wanting to take someone ouit if they were after her.Lets go back to the wild west when you could protect yourself and not fear some politician trying to hang you.

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