The Many Faces Of Mitt

Mitt Romney 2 The Many Faces of Mitt

History made this week by Mitt Romney – of the wrong kind.

I believe he is the first Republican nominee for president to ever run a pro-abortion television ad in a general election campaign. This one is targeted specifically at the key swing state of Virginia.

In it, Romney is essentially saying he’s okay with the killing of children conceived in the so-called “exceptions” like my own family line, or maybe someone that is close to you. If what this Romney commercial is saying came true, than the Republican presidential candidate would essentially erase my three children from the planet, because they would’ve never been born.

Sad, but not surprising when you consider his record:

1) Romney is pro-choice; when running in 1994 for the U.S. Senate, he says he lost a loved one to a back alley abortion.

2) In 2002, Romney says he’s neither pro-choice or pro-life in running for governor of Massachusetts and that he will not threaten any of the state’s pro-abortion laws.

3) In 2005, Governor Romney vetoes a controversial contraception bill. He says studying what it would actually do led to a change of heart on the issue. In an op-ed to the Boston Globe about the matter, Romney now says he is pro-life.

4) Later in 2006, despite his self-proclaimed pro-life conversion, Romney signs into law Romneycare, which includes taxpayer0funded elective abortions for just $50 a kill (abortion-on-demand) and gives Planned Parenthood a permanent seat on a board overseeing the legislation, without providing a similar seat for pro-lifers.

5) As governor of Massachusetts, Romney forced Catholic hospitals to issue the so-called “Morning After” abortifacient, which is similar to the contraception mandate in Obamacare he is criticizing the president for. During the 2012 GOP primary debates, Romney lied when he said he didn’t after he was confronted by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum on the matter.

6) During the 2008 campaign, Romney said he was for the Human Life Amendment proposed in the Republican Party platform, which enshrines the right to life of the unborn in the U.S. Constitution. Later, Romney walked back that stance and said he favored a states’ rights position on child killing, which most pro-lifers oppose.

6) In 2011, Romney seems to tell Mike Huckabee he favored the Mississippi personhood initiative at a time it was a hot topic, but then the campaign later said the governor had no position on the initiative and that it was each individual state’s decision.

7) During the 2012 campaign, Romney was the only Republican presidential candidate who refused to sign either the Personhood USA pledge or the Susan B. Anthony pledge.

8) Romney nominates a 100% pro-life running mate, and then the two issue a statement chastising 100% pro-life U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin and saying they’re pro-choice in certain situations.

9) Romney gives an interview with CBS News prior to the Republican Convention in which he says he’s for child killing in cases of “health of the mother,” which is essentially abortion-on-demand.

9) In July, a letter from Romney to a pro-life activist is published at Life News laying out his pro-life agenda if he were elected president. Later, in October Romney tells the Des Moines Register he won’t do anything on the life issue if he’s president.

10) A day after saying that to the Iowa newspaper, Romney tells an audience in the crucial swing state of Ohio he’ll “be a pro-life president.”

11) This week, Romney starts running an ad in favor of killing children conceived via rape or incest, like pro-life warrior Rebecca Kiessling.

If you’re keeping score of that breathtaking evolution, that means Romney has essentially taken every conceivable position on the most defining moral debate of this age—every single one and some of them more than once.

I understand the priority to defeat the most pro-abortion president ever in the heat of an election; but in exchange for that, we in the pro-life movement are literally letting Romney get away with murder. Which doesn’t leave me much confidence we’ll “hold him accountable after the election” as many of our “leaders” have promised us.


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Photo Credit: davelawrence8 (Creative Commons)


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  1. Patriot01 says:

    Keep in mind people’s tastes, faith, views and opinions change with age. I used to be pro-choice when I was young but found God and Christ Jesus and matured. Once you have Grandchildren, your tastes, views, opinions and faith change again. People change…… It’s human nature. Ann Romney has been a huge influence on him with her cancer survival and high tight and close knit a family he has.
    Mitt’s Mother was NOT white ghetto trash
    Mitt’s Father was NOT a Kenyan Muslim sleeping with 2 women at once.

    I’ll take the Mormon over the Muslim.

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