The Lynching Of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman SC The Lynching of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman’s public image took a blow when a judge revoked his bond, alleging that Zimmerman willfully misled the court concerning his financial situation.  The fact that he’s back in jail makes him appear guilty in the public’s eye, and that’s what matters.  Whether or not Zimmerman misled the court is immaterial.  In fact, his guilt or innocence is immaterial.  His trial has transcended justice; it’s now about capitalizing on opportunity.

Zimmerman has maintained since day one that Trayvon Martin instigated their fatal confrontation.  Zimmerman’s various injuries coupled with autopsy results revealing Martin’s injured knuckles tend to support his story.  That evidence might be the reason why he wasn’t charged immediately after the shooting.  Yet he remains guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of many, including the federal government and national media.

Could there be an orchestrated campaign between government and media entities to see this man imprisoned, or even executed?  Despite the physical evidence of which we’re aware, an apparent lack of credible witnesses on either side of the case, and expert legal opinion belittling Florida’s case against Zimmerman, the FBI has launched a hate crime investigation against him.  And it could stick.

Read more at American Thinker. By Anthony W. Hager.


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  1. Disgusted says:

    This “trial” of Zimmerman even before it starts is what can truly be called an American Travesty. A total embarrasment to each and every American, this should be sickening. I am not including the black fools and freaks here, because they haven’t the brains of a flea! If they did, they would not be claiming “justice for trayvon” with such glee. They don’t care about trayvon, all they care about is getting attention and causing trouble. There are, I am sure, a few intelligent and American black people, but they are rare indeed, from the looks and sounds of it. This trouble making teenager went looking for trouble, and found it, and died for his trouble making ways! It is too bad that it wasn’t a black man doing the thankless job that George Zimmerman was doing, for, if a black man had done the same, no one would have been screaming their large mouths off and flapping their overly large lips about this trouble maker who died because he went looking for exactly what he found, Trouble. And if his parents had a lick of sense or patriotisim, they would not have lit the fire that has caused this whole thing. No, they wanted the same thing their son wanted, Trouble, with all CAPITOL LETTERS, TROUBLE! Not one ounce of sympathy from me do they get, they raised a useless son, and as a result, he is dead. I do not beleive for one second that “trayvon was a “good boy” who only wanted some skittles”. That is such a load of bullsh#% that it is enough to make one puke their guts out! he started the fight, and he lost. Too bad, too sad, and all that. No great loss to America. None at all, just another dead trouble maker, another dead useless pimple on the ass of society. And now, an innocent man is called a murderer, all because of one useless pimple, or, a BOIL!

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