The Lingering Effect Of The “99 Percenters” On The American Mentality

I am one of those who believe that when an individual has gained his/her wealth through free and fair enterprise, he/she should not be forced by society to contribute to the decrepitude of collective welfare. The very fact that one person has reached the 1% should not mean that they should be forced to give into altruism. Nor should anyone in the 99% give money to those who have not earned it. Anyone who reaches the point where he/she needs charity is there because of their own doing.

The truth is that helping others needlessly is an evil. I might get a lot of heat for having such “contrary” opinion, but the truth is that the “reality” of an individual is constructed by his/her own will. The fruit of one’s labour is their own. The 53% movement has got it right: some work 3 jobs to pay off their mortgages and feed their families, while some who cannot find jobs complain. All the while, the only training they have is a degree in something as ludicrous as Poetry.

Although the 99% movement is kind of old history, the concept of the 1% has penetrated the minds of the masses, only to perpetuate their own grandiose delusions of entitlement. Their belief is that somehow, the 1% is indebted to the 99% for their wealth.

You want money? Work. Can’t find work? Move so you can find it.

The point is that the whole craze a few years ago is still relevant today because of this idea that somehow, people who work hard to create wealth are responsible to others who, mind you, did not work as hard. If you want to get to the 1%, do not sleep, do not eat, and do not falter until you get there.

But, what is my point?

America’s very foundations were built on the idea that an individual is his/her own and only means to achieve happiness and should not be given to others who have not earned their right to a share through free trade. Yet social welfare, from Obamacare to the increase in subsidies and state intervention–which are all in rising support–are the signs of, frankly, dangerous cultural complacency.

The 99% movement, which was so seemingly unorganized and unable to motivate itself to form at least one specific issue to agree on as a platform, has done a great deal of damage to the mentality of many Americans by making them believe that somehow they are entitled to receive benefits paid by the work of others.

This “entitlement” interestingly acts to breed even more laziness and belief in the myth that other’s success is somehow the result of their own lack of it.

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