The Left’s Fascination With Death…

Abortion Protestor SC The Left’s Fascination with Death...

If we were to evaluate the ideology of the Left, we would find a common thread that runs through all flavors of Marxist, Socialist, Communist, and Progressive Democratic beliefs; and that is that death is integral with the inculcation of their philosophies. The Germans, Russians, and Chinese used a brutal implementation of their beliefs as they transformed their societies and nations in a compressed time span that resulted in conservatively 262 million deaths in the 20th century alone.

To accomplish this slow transformation, it is vital to attack and destroy our nation’s long-standing Judeo-Christian values, principles, and mores and advocate lifestyles that do not require commitment to their fellow man, much less raising a family. The single most frightening statement heard by today’s youth is: “dude, you knocked-up your girlfriend?”

The answer of course is the abortionist.

Why should he or she be burdened with any responsibilities at such a young age? Ironically,“think of the children” is the left’s constant refrain.

When a society accepts the unbridled slaughter of innocent lives least able to speak for themselves (approximately 50 million in the 40 years of Roe v. Wade) all under the guise of “it’s my body, my choice” then other choices become easier to make and become accepted by a so-called moral and just society.

However, the left continues to advocate the destruction of personal responsibility so that other more destructive agendas are possible. We see it with the endless social engineering of welfare programs that take personal responsibility to a new low.

The ultimate accusation of these society-destroying policies becomes evident when we see multi-generational families conditioned to abrogate personal responsibility for themselves, their families, and their neighbors from a paternalistic so-called benevolent state with benefits that meet their basic needs into perpetuity. While, at the same time making them covetous of others’ success by the soul-destroying envy of dependence, exploited to full measure by Obama and his supporters of course.

In this heady brew of personal choice, responsibility is discouraged in favor of short-term solutions (sound familiar?) Washington has embraced this paradigm with all reasoned deliberation being thrown out the window for personal political gain by both Democrats and Republicans alike…what is in it for me?

We are implementing ObamaCare in a similar fashion to the European model with the same regulatory edicts becoming evident…we are beginning to see the full agenda for the aged in this rollout as another segment of innocent lives who have little use in a more enlightened society that the “left” envisions.

After paying a lifetime of tax revenues, it is now time for them to exit this life before they cost society too much in medical care in the autumn and winter season of their dwindling lives.

Dignity has nothing to do with transforming a nation.

We are seeing the much-maligned “death panels” that Sarah Palin warned us about being rolled out along with the willingness of government bureaucrats to regulate elders literally to death by denying them life-saving treatment. This is how the socialist model has played out in Europe as the internment and death camps of the past are much too disturbing to their citizens as a society educated to accept “DEATH” that these philosophies espouse is the preferred outcome.

All for the payment of their medical and long-term care from the State, there is a limit to their compassion.

This is in direct contrast to the gentle and humanistic philosophy of the individual as championed by our Constitution with citizens, making choices for themselves free from interference of the state for their own lives with the loving assistance of their family, friends, and clergy as they meet their failing health or demise on their own terms.

We are rapidly coming to the end game (fundamental transformation) as the nation is being manipulated by Obama and his cohorts to accelerate the transformational process begun in 2009 and bring his new society “Forward”  sooner than later.

This is where we are deviating from the European model.

The coming year will be filled with one assault after another against our basic freedoms in the all- too-familiar exaggerated media push that we must act in all haste, with Obama forever on the Stump. Failing the legislative avenue, the tyranny of the Executive Order will be used to full effect and accepted by a neutered Congress.

This can only mean that the left has grown impatient of the stealthy means of overthrow of this nation’s principles, or they feel they have accomplished their “re-educational” goals; take your pick.

Obama and his cohort are now preparing an all-out assault on our fundamental right to defend ourselves from all who would prey upon the citizens in our nation. Whether they are criminals, gangsters, Islamists, or our own government since they now wish to disarm the nation’s citizens of the means to throw off such tyranny or brutality.

Obama’s first objective is to marginalize and criminalize law-abiding citizens by characterizing them as pariahs who exercise their antiquated concept of our Second Amendment rights and freedoms. At the same time, he will reward another huge segment of our society that actually are criminals that have willingly broken our laws by bestowing amnesty on them…by granting citizenship to illegal aliens.

Consequently, cartel drug gangs are comprised mostly of illegal aliens and are arming themselves with high-power military-style “Assault Weapons” and pose a very real threat to citizens and law enforcement alike. One has to wonder whether they are getting weapons supplied from Hezbollah through the Mexican drug cartel pipeline that Eric Holder and Obama set up with Fast & Furious along with the poison they are spreading onto our streets.

In Obama’s ultimate wisdom, he has eliminated the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) that coordinated and reduced crime from Drug Cartels and their violence, which account for the vast majority of all murders in our nation (some place this estimate as high as 75%. )This agency was eliminated in June 2011; however, Obama failed to tout during last year’s contentious election an astonishing 60% reduction and elimination of cartel activity in 1500 American cities from 2010 to 2011 in an incredible one year’s time frame prior to disbanding of the NDIC.

Such a remarkable law enforcement effort should have been shouted from the rooftops!

Not claiming victory over such a major threat to the Nation seems unlikely and sketchy at best from a regime that puffs up the smallest details of other areas of their so-called accomplishments, particularity economic data. Speaking about economic data, in another curious move, Obama eliminated a similar agency in 2011 as well that reports on economic intelligence data that had been in constant publication since 1878 and listed all government spending right down to zip code.

Not having the means to verify the spending makes it impossible to reconcile the deficit spending that Congress does not budget for in the first place. One of the cornerstones of a Democratic Republic is open government and reporting of its activities; our government is going dark as Obama and his cohorts put policies in place to dismantle our nation.

This topsy-turvy scheme is readily apparent to the more rational amongst us, those of us destined for re-education, being caught in the crossfire or death depending on our age by a paternalistic and benevolent state in the age of Obama as the end game unfolds. The media, academia, and our legislators appear to celebrate this agenda, as they are all complicit in these nation-destroying acts as they revel in carving-up the spoils of the moribund carcass of this once great nation and line their own pockets with the proceeds.

However, there is still time to turn back the clock and this march to our eventual national suicide as a Constitutional Republic. The makers in our society, the 53% that actually pay income taxes, should act with one voice and refuse to send any more of the “Fruits of their Labor” to Washington in the form of TAXES.

In effect, I propose starving the Beast of revenue in a modern Tax Revolt modeled on 1776. We must exhaust all peaceful means to stop the destruction of the Republic. In addition, we must simply refuse to be disarmed.

If you think about it, we are actually giving the means of our own destruction to brigands that cannot even perform the rudiments of their Constitutional duty by passing a stinking budget as they “eat out our existence” with onerous taxes that are squandered on sycophants, supporters, and constituents of Obama and the indolent that he has created, whole heatedly supports, endorses, and panders to.

In addition, taxpayers are required to continue in his endeavor by unjust laws to support such folly as Obama rides the so-called rich, corporations, businesses, and taxpayers into the ground for his own ends. Rational men and women will indeed make other choices bringing us into headlong confrontation with elements that are bringing us to our very destruction and the Left’s fascination with death.

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  1. There is NOTHING wrong with killing!!! It IS MURDER that is WRONG!!!

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