The Latest Trick The Media Is Pulling On Dumb Democrat Voters

Obama Golden Calf Liberal Media SC The latest trick the media is pulling on dumb Democrat voters

Give the liberals credit; they know their voters are morons, and they never make the mistake of treating them as anything else.

Democrat elected officials know they don’t ever really have to make sense when they address their half-witted supporters. They only have to say something or do something (anything), and the media will praise them for their “honesty and courage.”  Nobody ever questions what is “courageous” about admitting you have cheated on your income tax, stole campaign contributions, ran a male brothel, or sold a political appointment; the media makes all of that go away for Democrats.

When “the guy on TV” says a Democrat’s explanation is enough to “move on,” that’s it; no further explanation is necessary.

Since the April 15th Boston Marathon Bombing, the media has been in “Def-Con 5” cover up mode, trying to patch the gaping holes in the lies the Obama Administration is telling to make it go away.

The liberals have switched to using “pseudo-stupidity,” an old theory of adolescent behavior formulated by Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychoanalyst.

Pseudo-stupidity is an adolescent’s “tendency to overlook the obvious and inability to make appropriate choices.”  The liberal media is treating their supporters like the adolescents Piaget was talking about by using the “say anything and the dummies will believe it” tactic to explain why the Boston Bombers did what they did.   The idea is to rely on the innate pseudo-stupidity of Democrat voters.

“The older brother was a boxer whose brain was damaged by too many punches to the head causing him to become depressed and aggressive,” or “Not being able to ‘fit into’ American society made them angry, so it’s our fault,” or “They were both brainwashed” are the media’s current favorites excuses for these savages.

In Piaget’s theory, the adolescent is just becoming aware of  the variety of reasons why things around him happen; he is overwhelmed by them and assumes others are as well.

So when mom asks junior to find his math book,  the teenage genius looks in the basement, in the trunk of dad’s car, in the attic crawl space, and in the dog’s house.

All of these could possibly be where the book is, but the obvious answer (“in his backpack”) is overlooked.  Likewise, all of the phony excuses the media creates for these two dirt-bags fools Democrat voters because “after all, it COULD be our fault.”  They are fooled into believing the obvious answer (“they did it because they are evil bastards”) isn’t true.

Adolescents have an excuse: they’re kids. The so-called adults who vote Democrat don’t have an excuse for believing what they believe; they’re just morons.    

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  1. George says:

    Dr Kevin Collins has hit the nail on the proverbial head when he described democrat voters, they are not only outrageously dumb they believe everything they hear that is anti-american and anti-everything. Take the time and read some of their posts on any forum, and if you contradict them with facts they get abusive and resort to name calling and foul language. The one thing that makes them so out of touch is the lack of schooling and the inability to comprehend lies from truth.

  2. Democrats are dumb says it all. Now we know why we do not get any news from abc,cbs or nbc! not to mention msnbc. When you have jerks who get a thrill up their leg you know they are clueless and unable to decipher honesty from vast numbers of lies.

  3. Peter vanderHeiden says:

    This is so true. I had a friend in HS that was very book smart but had absolutely no common sense. He is now one of the furthest leaning leftists I know and works for, guess who? That’s right, the Fed. A job that you can totally screw up every day and still get paid. He works as a meteorologist for NOA! Perfect example of Lenin’s useful idiots.

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