The Ineligibility Battle (Let’s Be Honest) Continues In Florida

obama birth certificate The Ineligibility Battle (Lets be Honest) Continues in Florida

The following was written in response to Bob Unruh’s recent WND article (“Democrat Demands Eligibility Hearing Now”) on the petition by Attorney Larry Klayman on behalf of Democrat Plaintiff Michael C. Voeltz for determination by the court as to the eligibility of Democrat candidate Barack Obama.

Think of the absurdity of all of the endless debating and legal maneuvering (on the part of the judges and the Obama defense team) when all that is needed, and all that has been needed from the beginning of this insulting charade, is for a judge to simply require the obvious – that his “original” birth certificate be examined. Is there a sentient being on the planet who would not admit that this would end the so-called “side show” once and for all? No, of course there isn’t…not an honest one (or one who registers brain-wave activity), at least.

Instead, even if a judge were to order this, Jill Nagamine, the Hawaii Deputy Attorney General whose husband is somehow closely tied to Obama, would twist the law – as she already has on numerous occasions – to protest that showing the birth certificate (a “bonafide” copy of which he has supposedly posted on his official White House website for all the world to see) would violate HI state law. Even though the very statute that she has quoted ad infinitum (HRS 338-18: b-9) specifically allows that a “court of competent jurisdiction” can order examination of such a document.

In addition, according to the same statute (HRS 338-18: g-4): “A private or government attorney who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record which was acquired during the course of or for purposes of legal proceedings” can request “a verification in lieu of a certified copy” of the validity of specified facts from the record. In other words, Mr. Klayman himself could by this very statute request that the State of Hawaii verify that the virtual birth certificate posted at is an exact replica of the original birth certificate in their vault. (AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett asked for this to be verified, and HI State Registrar, Alvin Onaka, did not verify that it was, but in a carefully crafted response said only that “the information” on the document posted at “matched” the record in their files. Attorney Klayman could, in fact, demand that the precise question be answered – unlike Mr. Bennett, who was only pretending to comply with the request of this author and others and therefore did not press the matter – shamelessly accepting a deliberate non-answer as sufficient when it clearly was not.)

Once again, is there anyone who would pretend that if Mr. Obama actually had a legitimate birth certificate he wouldn’t have simply turned it over (or allowed a forensic examination thereof)? No, once again there is not…but the sovereign People of this country are expected (told, by Republicans no less) to simply sit back and mindlessly accept that he has nothing to hide!

The bad news for his lawyers, the complicit judges, and other officials – from the head of the Social Security Administration to the head of the Selective Service (both of these key-identifying documents are forged and/or fraudulent as well) to the various Republican Governors and Secretaries of State  to virtually every Republican Congressman, Senator, and state legislator in the country (with only a handful of exceptions in the latter class) to the DNC and its legal counsel Robert Bauer to the Commission on Presidential Elections-is that each of them has violated his or her oath of office (or official mission statement in the case of the latter) before God and the People…and God will not be mocked!

EVERYONE in the room knows that the Emperor has no clothes; and the fact that only the rank and file citizens (for the most part) have dared to defy the orthodoxy of cowardly silence in the face of calculated character assassination will not absolve these Democrat and Republican members of the Ruling Class from their abysmal dereliction of duty.

They are, in the end, enabling a man who has openly declared his intent to “fundamentally transform” (read: bring to its knees!) the greatest nation on Earth…and now that he has stolen a second term (also completely unopposed by these same Ruling Elites from both parties), he may well succeed in fully dismantling both the Constitution and the once-greatest economy in all of history…while bemoaning that he has “more important ‘stuff ‘ to do” than concern himself with the “carnival barkers” (us) who demand that he do what every other citizen in the nation must do without hesitation (or legal recourse) …provide bona fide proof (not a forged digital image) of his U.S. citizenship.

Others may be willing to be silenced in the face of such unprecedented evil and deception; but make no mistake: millions of us are not. In the end, the truth (which everyone who wants to know already knows) will prevail…but not until we as a nation have suffered the prolonged consequences of our own willingness (and that of our hired “representatives”) to be silenced by the very people perpetrating this treasonous fraud which we continue to point out.

Of what use is the First Amendment if free men and women will willingly and shamelessly silence themselves simply because they lack the courage to speak the obvious truth? Hear the words of one of America’s greatest patriots at another time when our nation’s very existence hung in the balance:

“Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it….

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

– Speech at St. John’s Church, Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

And finally, from the man who saved England, Europe, and ultimately the entire world from enslavement by the Third Reich (Winston Churchill) :

If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

Curiously, what may well be more detestable than the crime itself is that those who profess to be “Conservatives” (Republicans all), whom we have once again hired and will soon be paying to “represent us” have steadfastly refused to even mention – much less rise up and counter – the twin egregious crimes of defrauding the American People with respect to their Commander in Chief’s blatant Constitutional ineligibility and now the open perversion of the once-sacred electoral process.

So I ask you, fellow Conservatives: how long will we the People voluntarily submit to this abusive betrayal at the hands of those whom we perpetually hire and pay for the sole purposes of representing our interests and protecting our inalienable rights?

In the words once more of Patrick Henry:

“Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish?”

Can we not see that we are continuing to return to the same dry well…blindly pursuing the same illusive mirage? How many times must we be mislead and betrayed before we will finally say “No more!”?

For a thorough (and riveting) account of this, the greatest fraud in all of history, see Mr. Ballantyne’s book Oh Really, O’Reilly!  The Spin Starts Here…Apparently!  A Fair and Balanced Look at the Facts – Part I.

(For the whole book – encompassing Parts I and II – go here.)

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  1. It's time for civil war! A military coup would be nice but not likely. The patriots are going to have to deal with this.

  2. Time for a coup! And if that doesn't work, then buckle your chin straps!! Civil War will be our only option!!!

  3. mr_bad_example says:

    seeing that high capacity magazines may become scarce, i will invest in them and ammunition of my choice. it may be needed…

    • Robert Myles says:

      I already have my high cap magizines and am also investing heavily in reloading as the price of ammo is going to go thru th roof with this twrm of obama

  4. Maybe Donald Trump is not afraid to come against Obama and get him out of his fraud office…There seems to be no other men who will….Lily liver Republicans are afraid to speak or act…Obama IS NOT GOD. Some citizen must remove him or God will have to…

    • God says in his word that a lying tongue is credited but for a moment. See friends if God says they will be credited then its no wonder everyone believes his lies. BUT just remember the rest of the verse says BUT for a moment. Let all the believers that trust in His word UNITE and PRAY IN AGREEMENT THAT his MOMENT WILL COME.

      • Not fooled in Nevada says:

        AGreed — all in good time..Oshamo and his ilk shall bring on their own demise..just give them plenty of room..though it will take years, Oshamo will do himself in..prepare yourselves and your loved ones as it will be a very harsh time and a good many of us may not make it through. Teach your children about evil and that to defeat it, one must stand firm against evil at all times..Oshamo is evil, his entire administration and his spouse and unfortunately, the children he has brought into this world. Notice how the Bitch Oshamo wore, once again, the communist colors, on stage on election day..

        We surround them, we out number them, we are smarter than them..

  5. Neal Martin says:

    Im not that concerned with where Barack Obama was born. My understanding is that to be qualified he must have 2 parents who were American Born citizens and he does not meet that requirement. Regardless of where he was born his father was a British subject at the time of his birth and that disqualifies the man from being President. Why the members of our government are so adamant about placing a man in office in violation of Constitutional Law, I have no idea. I personally cannot see where his tenure to this point in time has been beneficial to the country.

    • The reason Republicans turn away from this unpleasant act of removing an unconstitutional President is that they have an unconstitutional candidate waiting in the wings, named Marco Rubio

      • Also you has to understand that the Republican Party like the Democrat Party are totally controlled by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, and they work on the GENDA(NEW WORLD ORDER) traced by their MASTER ON THE CFR, our votes don't count they DO whatever the CFR ordain.

  6. What an excellent article, Mr. Ballantyne, but I would expect it from you, because you have been in this fight for truth for sometime.

    In my heart of hearts (I am not given to rash decisions or conspiracy) I feel that we are on the road to a showdown of some sort within the next two years at the most, if not before.

    Since the justice system all over the country seems to be on lockdown, as evidenced by the myriad of failed court cases over the last four or five years, I see Congress as our only avenue of recourse, albeit it has miserably failed us in the past. Before anyone resorts to an armed rebellion (which will most certainly force the regime to full-fledged dictatorship via martial law), it seems that patriots should first come together (that is, perhaps, the hard part) and under guidance and leadership of someone dedicated and capable, embark on a unified campaign to FLOOD – I mean inundate – House members with so much correspondence that they are unable to function. This would have to be timed to occur over a sustained, relatively moderate period. We all have written and called, but it is not concentrated enough to make a meaningful impact.

    If that doesn't work, what about a "Velvet Revolution" the likes of which overthrew a communist government in the Czech Republic some years ago? It was a peaceful gathering of millions who encamped long enough to send a message. I know that we are different than the Czech Republic, but it could be tailored to fit us Americans. Google it in for those who want to learn more.

    Timing is everything, and we may at this point be in a holding period. We need most of all to pray and ask for God's guidance, but, first of all, ask for forgiveness for our sins and repent that He could heal our land. (II Chron. 7:14)

    • Henry Leunissen says:

      So what are we waiting for? We have the Tea Party. We have Sarah Palin. It is time that all good people come together and make the Tea Party into an unstoppable force and march on Washington. The alternative is serfdom.

  7. As stated elsewhere here so what if he was born here, the fact that he is of duel citizenship should be the cut off point, then add to that he became a citizen of another nation and had his name changed and never changed it back legally upon his return. So what if he only has a “Certificate of a live birth” and no Birth Certificate a completely different sort of document. Just what will happen if it is proven that he is not legally able to hold the office? Will that negate the laws signed into being by him? Will that negate his actions? Will that mean treason or just a felony charge? And will it cover the associates that have assisted his perpetration of an illegal event as they are criminal in their acceptance of his illegal action?

    • He also committed perjury in his Illinois Bar exam papers where he falsely claimed that he never used another name. Barry has several alias's and has used them.

      • When most people thought he was in Columbia ,, from what i have heard , Il. senator paid his way to Russia to be a high trained Communist ,, Did he become KGB ??? It sounds like his real Father was Communist #47544 , the Editor of the Socialist worker ,, Mr Frank Marshal Davis ,, His grandfather Dunham was another one and good Friend of Frank

    • Obama is an illegal alien born in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya. I and the GOP have had a copy of the Mombasa birth certificate for three years!
      When it is proven Obama is illegal we will be able to NULLiFY every thing he has done including ObamaCare, and the two Supreme Court Justices he has put in place!

    • Any mentally competent person knows that Obama is a fraud, What does that say about the members of the house and senate?

    • Kim Costanzo says:

      As a usurper, Obama cannot be impeached. He must be prosecuted for all crimes, etc. Then every single thing he ever did in office would be negated, cancelled. However it is a Constitutional crisis, and although Biden would take over, he would also be arrested as a co-conspirator. Then any and all politicians who violated their oaths by allowing this to happen, would also be culpable. In essence, it would be a clean sweep. Will this happen? Probably not.


  9. Dr. Orly Taitz certainly never gave up. I believe she just served Obama

  10. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I am not a man so I can't do this myself but only make a suggestion to one who can.
    Since it's the law that a man must register for the draft between the ages of 18 and 25, when is a man who was forced by law to register for the draft going to sue the Selective Service Agency?
    You were forced under penalty of law to register, but they are knowingly and openly allowing another man who was to follow the same law break it.
    If you didn't register, you would be denied certain jobs, like POTUS, unless you did. Someone holds a job with a KNOWN fraudulent registration.
    Isn't there something legal a person can do about certain people getting a pass?
    Just thinking out loud….

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seeks a legal person most likely could do something about it but they won't and don't and that is a crying shame.There are ways to beat the igger but the press and TV media will do nothing about it along with our great congress.If history is honest he will go down as the first illegal semi black president.

  11. Anyone who has ever had to submit proper identification has been undermined by the failure of the authorities to scrutinize Obama's birth certificate. This behavior is shameful and to all involved when the truth finally comes out, have a nice time in jail!

  12. The Chicao Gangsters have gathered a throng that have nothing in common except the desire to destroy the Greatest Nation on Earth, the throng comprising: Trial lawyers who cheat, lie and steal; labor goons who enslave their memers; sexual deviates who insist their depravity honored; criminals who want immunity from prosecution from prosecution; NEA members who are paid for work they cannot do, but de-educate young people; ACLU members who have specialized for 70 years in destruction of the US Constitution; hollowwood egotists who revel in breaking the laws of decency; atheists who madly work to destroy religeous freedom; and others, none of which ever contributed to a better world. So why can't the Silent Majority of Law Abiding Citizens band together on ONE PLATFORM so each of us can live to pursue our Special Purposes???

  13. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    The left don't care where obama came from, all they want is for him to dismantle truth, justice and the American way. The left is so bent on filth, freebies and fornication that they would vote for the devil if he threw his hat in the ring.

  14. Everyone KNOWS this fraud is not, should not be President. He's ineligible, incompetant, inept, a comp-lete fraud, has been from day one. Only the Black vote keeps him in office, & that's because they're in line for their freebies. The low information voter, the gimmee crowd.

    • Most of those nappy heads people voted and supported this fraud, it is disgusting to watch and listen to this evil man speak. Today Dec 19, he was on tv saying that we are in a great depression worst then the 1929 when in fact he is the one that wasted taxpayer's money and help to caused the depression. I pray that the country does not go over the cliff. I don't see a good future for our country as long as he is in charge.

  15. Robert Myles says:

    Yes We the People have demanded and been denied the truth at every turn. Even if he does have a valid hawaii birth certificatehe is still inelegible because his father was a Kenyan /national,which Obama freely admit's.We alrfeady have the proof of his fraud and ineleigibility yet congress sit's silent muted by some massive threat. the kind that silenced Bill clinton for 4 yrs about Obama's incompetence and inelegibility

  16. Now going on 5 yrs and I have yet to see anything that says this boy is an american citizen, they even covered up the use of the dead mans Social Security Number you hear nothing about that.

    • Again the repubs are completely silent. Romney didn't say anything to help himself. That was the biggest fraud I have ever seen. He pulled a Juan McCain on all of us. It makes me sick that I donated 3 times to Romney only to have him let BO the non citizen win to dictate 4 more years and maybe forever.

  17. Let's hope that the Judge in Florida will be honest and above board and not let the imposter off the hook again. This crook has got to go before he completely destroys our America. Wake up people, a lot of you with blinders on support and re-supported that imposter and if he is not stopped and deported, jailed first, pack your bags and get out.

  18. Wakeup americans,for almost hundred years, the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS has been conspiring to destroy the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION and to implement a totalitarian commune-fascist society under they control…what they call the NEW WORLD ORDER, and after the end of WWII the globalist conspirators at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London and the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS in New York, devoted all their energy and creativity to devise a plan to impose on the people of the WORLD their DEMONIC creation…now here is a question, why was Obama chosen by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS for the pResidence of the White House?…did the CFR appoint him to turn a possible rebellion into a race war?, did they appoint him because, due to his inability to offer proof that he really is a natural born citizen, they can blackmail him with their knowledge that they can ged rid of him any time they want?, it is evident that Obama is a PUPPET OF THE CFR, he can't produce any coherent argument when he is not fallowing his CFR controlled teleprompter. Still, Obama is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, and protected by a BODY GUARD of LIES behind a dark curtain of disinformation by a cesspool of dishonest, corrupt, CRIMINAL and COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS CONTROLLED judiciary, MEDIA and a BODY GUARD OF CIA OPERATIVE working under the ORDERS OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. The whole Justice Department is controlled by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, all the JUDGES are pay OR intimidate by the CFR CONTROLLED CIA ASSASSIN, nothing will come up in the "INVESTIGATION", because the criminals are investigating their crimes, and remember that the Republican and Democrat party are controlled by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. We are living a MONUMENTAL LIE. For this COWARD JUDGES their life is so dear than they don't care for the future of they own children's and to fight for the right cause when it can easily be win without bloodshed. Make no mistake, this is a CONSPIRACY at the highest level of the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS.

  19. Robert Kepka says:

    The problem is in spite of the hard evidence,,the overwhelming circumstantial evidence,, the refusal to present proof of eligibility, we have a Republican party that refuses to bring charges against this imposter sitting in the oval office. One has to ask the question,WHY??.There must be a reason.Could it be they are both on the same side of the fence in spite of the feigned differences? If not how could the strongest,most productive,highest in education, largest middlele class nation with the highest standard of living become a nation teetering on the edge of bankruptcy? Is it stupidity or is there an agenda?

    • The House of Representatives is lawless! I have been there fourteen times over the past year.
      We are working on removing Boehner as Speaker. See: #FireBoehner at

    • Henry Leunissen says:

      The only hope for this country is a strong, vociferous Tea Party, growing into an unstoppable force marching on Washington like the French did when they stormed the Bastille. So let's all join the Tea Party and get this thing going. If we don't we will soon face serfdom.

  20. tomm payne says:

    If it is true that 'no man' is above the law, with all men being created equal, how can it be that our congress
    will/can permit an unqualified man to hold 'We The People' hostage to his whims, contributing to the downfall
    of our 'Great Constitution' and our 'Great Country'? If there was 'fraud' in last election, the evidence indicating
    there was, then he 'did not win', and therefore is not qualified, in any way, to occupy our White House and
    any and all attributes going with it. On top of that, his being unqualified by our Constitution, his name should
    not have been on the ticket.

  21. FACE FACTS! Obama is a Fraud. The Entire 2012 Election was a Fraud. It was rife with Illegal Votes and Fixed Voting machines. GOP Court Authorized Poll Watchers were forcibly removed from certain voting places to enable unrestricted Fraudulent Voting to take place. Bus loads of Unregistered people were driven to polling places and allowed to Vote. Voting exceeded the number of Legally registered voters by enormous numbers and were counted unchallenged. Absentee Military ballots were deliberately stalled and ordered to Not be counted ! Even False reports of a plane crash that carried Military ballots was made by this Administration and reported as Fact by the leftist media. This Election cannot be certified and allowed to stand. If it is the Conspiracy is huge! Now a concerted attack on the 2nd Amendment using a School trajedy, when the shooter reacted upon learning that his mother was going to have him committed for being insane. ~Rick Magee, FL

  22. What a pathetic coma amerikahn's are in. It's obvious to the well studied that the country is no more. The repubs and especially Romney didn't do a dam thing to expose BO for the life long worthless parasite he is. It appears he has never had a job doing anything at all. Although he has no grades from college he was obviously trained for years to be a Manchurian candidate. Bill Ayers parents and Bill Ayers have been preparing BO for decades to read telepromter and dictate. BO is run by thieving, extortionist, crony communist. They have bankrupted the country beyond any known math formula. This non citizen should be in prison along with his entire gang (Ayers and wife, Holder, etc.). How can any military people want to serve this fraud and destroyer of our country? How in hell?

  23. I believe the only recourse we have as ‘We the People’, is to have a real million person march on old foggy bottom – and if a million, why not 10 million. We all start to migrate to the seat of federal gov’t, from every corner of the USA, from every State, by any way we can get there – caravans, hitchhiking, flying, bussing, boating, walking, riding, running – like many did back when we believed our love for our country and each other would transform reality and you know, Woodstock was the magnet and Viet Nam was the anguish. Time we exercise our right to peaceably assemble and petition our ‘government’ for redress of grievances. Guess what gang, we are the real government – we are self-governing – We the People are Sovereign. Let’s finally give the corrupted snakepit the pretense needed to pull the trigger, since it’s been clear for quite some time that that’s their Big Idea. This is just a temporary assignment anyway right?. We haven’t had representative Constitutional government since at least the birth of the federal reserve system and the irs and probably before that. Look – if we all don’t stand together, in one place, and confront the destroyers of all life and decency, we are useless to our heritage. The Founders put it all on the line. We must do the same. It’s come down to this – if not us, who? and if not now, when? Somebody more attuned to perfect timing than myself needs to determine a date of assembly, and soon, so let’s just go find each other and stand together, and sing, pray loudly, and plead with our God to go to Work on the sycophants and usurpers. Otherwise it’s just a slow spiral down the drain complaining all the way to silence. No King but Jesus!

    • I think you have an excellent idea. We need a leader to help organize this and a plan for where and when. How can we find someone with enough courage to lead this group?

      • Off the top of my head, the leader(s) could come from whatever remnants of the Tea Party movement leadership that would brainstorm it, so also Glenn Beck’s crew, so also John Hagee, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Joseph Farah, Jerome Corsi – there are outspoken leaders all over the place. Senator DeMint, Mike Huckabee, Michele Malkin – lots of courageous persons out there.
        This is really about getting mobilized by word of mouth – passing along the word via our internet contacts. I’d really like to see the under 35 group join up, and many of them were behind Ron Paul, another outspoken fearless patriot. There’s also Sheriff Joe from AZ, and frankly, there’s Romney and Ryan with their network still intact, doing little to contest the stolen election. Maybe if the People start to gather, the leaders will show up.
        What date comes to mind for you? President’s Day is in February – Inauguration Day is coming right up – or it chould it be related to our Founders and their courage.

  24. It is ironic, but I believe that many, especially conservatives & Republicans, may actually have doubts about the President's eligibility, but they also have this nagging suspicion it simply could not be true… that no one would actually try to get away with a deception like this.
    Each denial of data or records, etc., reveals to others that there really is something to hide. McCain was vetted by Congress, but, when it came time to do the same w/ Obama, for whatever reason those in Congressional control at the time, decided not to vet him. (That would have been Pelosi & Reid I believe!!)
    The ultimate question may be, how long after his term expires can he & his minions continue to successfully keep this information under wraps? I think it must eventually be exposed, and, if he is really a fraud, Democrats will rue the day…. even though a complicit media will continue to try to downplay this or hide it!

  25. Obama has Been subpoenaed by Ca court bu Chief Judge Morrison England to appear Jan 3, 2013 at 2 PM.

  26. Obama's parents Oprah & Jamie foxx are citizens, right?

  27. Floyd – -There IS good news today; in an email I received from a conservative website (, it seem Dr. Alvin Onaka, State Vital Statistics Registrar, for Hawaii, has stated, under oath – -"there is no legal birth document, for obama, in Hawaii and the B/C posted on the White House website, last year, is a forgery"! He has, subsequently, notified the secretaries of state, in Arizona and Kansas! Don't know about you, but I could not ask for a better Christmas gift.
    What puzzles me, is "why" he would wait more than a month after the Nov. 6th election, to speak out! On the other hand, perhaps the unnecessary deaths of 20 innocent children, in a "false flag event" is nagging at his conscience?? Someone posted, last week – "Even obama would not stoop that low"! I beg to differ; as an "alinskiite", he firmly believes "The ends justify the means"! And you and I both know, any islamist does not hesitate to kill man, woman, OR child, if it "furthers their agenda"!

  28. Looks like Hotly has s good shot at getting a TRO enjoining The Electoral College. Judge Morrison England in Sacramento is hearing the evidence on Thurs. Jan, 3, 2013 at 2 PM

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