The Illegal Immigrant Deficit

Joe Guzzardi

With the federal debt ceiling debate at crisis level, Republicans and Democrats are rumored to be working hard to cut fat from the budget.

As usual, however, illegal immigration is not one of the variables under consideration. If I didn’t know better, I might think the United States didn’t have an illegal immigrant population that is at least 11-30 million strong. And I might also think, mistakenly, that since illegal immigration isn’t part of the budget debate, it represents no cost to taxpayers.

In his July 18 Fox News opinion column Bob Dane, communications director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, wondered how federal funding to millions of illegal immigrants could be left off the table. Since Congress refuses to discuss illegal immigration as a significant factor in layers of national debt, then we can sadly conclude that it has no plan other than to allow the status quo to continue. Doing nothing, however, guarantees that costs associated with illegal immigration will increase indefinitely

Dane offers several practical recommendations, with which I agree, that would not only gradually reduce expenditures on illegal immigrants but also would create job opportunities for millions of unemployed Americans.

According to FAIR’s analysis, American taxpayers spend $113 billion annually to subsidize illegal immigration. State and local taxpayers are the most heavily hit. They provide $84 billion in services while the federal government pays out $29 billion. With funding for illegal immigration—housing, education K-12 and college, ESL, emergency medical care and AFDC—obviously a major budget factor, the question for Congress is how to permanently eliminate those costs that taxpayers should not have to bear….

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  1. Phyllis says:

    I am so sick of supporting these illegal aliens and their anchor babies including obama (can't even claim them on my taxes). I am constantly calling congressional reps and senators and complaining about this issue. EVERYONE needs to call their reps/senators and DEMAND deportation of ALL illegal aliens and their anchor babies. Anchor babies are NOT U.S. citizens.

    Does anyone but me notice that illegal aliens drive the big SUV's (new or almost) and Big trucks (new or almost). I am driving a 11 year old Honda Civic and barely put gas in the tank and I legally WORKED fulltime for 40 years. Illegal aliens are leeches on the American taxpayers and it is time we DEMAND deportation. It is cheaper to deport them than it is to support them and their anchor babies for the rest of their lives.

    I know this man from the middle east, he is a naturalized citizen, however, his Mother was not, she received SSI for about 10 years until the day she died. A member of this family told me that there are people from his country that come to the U.S. on a visa, open a bank account, sign up for SSI and then go back to their country to live while collecting SSI from the US every month. I don't know if this is true, but this man had no reason to lie about it. In fact, he said American government is stupid.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I wanted to right but you said it all,I'm sick of seeing my tax dollars go to support these illegals.Real Americans can't get what they get,ship their asses along with the anchors and we will save money only ship them to Africa or Antartica so they'll have a harder time getting back.I joined the Palmetto Minutemen and when we turn some in the law enforcers say our hands are tied by Obuma and Holder.

      • The people need to only vote in tea party members to congress. Vote out all demo-rats. and most repubs. All lawyers would be disqualified from running for office. The people need to take control of the government and throw of jail Reid, Piglosy and get Boehner a back bone. NO MORE BORROWING!

  2. While the debt talks are going on obumer gave $142million to underpriviledged neighborhoods!!! He needs votes folks!! Atlanta, Georgia got 6.2 million for their deprived area. Immigration and obamacare need to be defunded now.

  3. berneemc says:

    It's cheaper to get rid of them, a thousand dollars a head dead or alive should be issued to any American Citizen for turning illegales in, and a one hundread thousand dollar fine for each illeagal a buisness hires and jail time. The military should be set up in positions every 1000yds with automatic wepons and snuff any illegal crossing the border ilegally, after the bodies start piling up they'll get the hint stay out.

  4. Granny W says:

    The debt problem could totally resolved in just 2 ( I said 2, T W O ) strokes of the pen.
    1. Cut funding to all illegal intruder immigrants who enter this country.
    2. Cut foreign aid to the countries who do not like us. They just want our hard earned taxes.
    Our congress people are not representing 80% of the American public, that is taxpayers!!!

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